adkstudios (adkstudios) wrote in egl,

Measurement questions: Holy Lantern series, Dreamy Girl OP

I've been eyeing both the Holy Lantern and Dreamy Girl series for a while and am finally going to have some money to purchase something from one or the other, but wanted to check on sizing first.

I saw a claim that the Holy Lantern JSK could fit a much larger bust and waist size than listed on Lolibrary, and saw others saying the same thing. if that's the case, how does the waist fit? Is it more generous than the listed sizes as well?

I prefer the OP but was also wondering how it can be so small when it looks so loose - is there a built-in slip that's more form-fitting?

On that note, I've been wondering the same about the Dreamy Girl OP. It looks so loose yet isn't even free-waist. Is it because there's a built in slip or something? If there are built in slips in both OPs would tailoring be feasible?

Tags: request: measurements

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