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Israeli Lolita Meet 2014!

It has been a while since I last posted here, and it has been even longer since the last Israeli big lolita meet.
As a part of the attempt to revive the Lolita community in Israel, Einav (navnav) and I decided to have a big meeting - open to everyone who was into the fashion and wanted to wear it.

We decided to have the meet in a small patisserie, and we never thought that so many will arrive!
About 20 girls arrived (a ton, considering it is a small country), and we sat down, ate lots of nice food, chatted and took pictures:)

We also had a swap, and each of the participating girls got to see what was made for her - so exiting!

The girls gathering in the patisserie

Some of the food!

The Swap

Nicole baked cookies with my name on it!

And of course - took pictures!
Some group ones



The "founders" - the three of us had been into the fasion the longest in the community - so we took a nice "elders" pic:)
navnav, gaia_vedai (myself) and pink_tofu

I just love this one XDD

And some obligatory "old-school" pics:)

And as a closure, just a pic of myself that I really liked

We had such a great time, and I hope you liked the post:))


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