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First Street Fashion Europe event: Enchanted London April 2014

__IMG_6939 copie

Street Fashion Europe
a collaboration between the biggest European lolita communities
have successfully organized their first event - hosted by The Tea Party Club -
with following special guests:
Yuko Ashizawa, CEO and designer from Atelier Pierrot
Minori, model and artist★

Hitomi Nomura, head designer and buyer at Grimoire★

Kunika Ono, sweets artist
Hirokawa Yumi, one of the founders of Uplift Tokyo ( Lorina Lidell )

It was the biggest lolita gathering so far with over 300 attendants
We would like to share pictures from our main event Enchanted and Enchanted tea party :)

Kawaii International have recorded the event
Please check out the show here on
April 26, Sat. 15:10/21:10
April 27, Sun. 3:10/9:10

(UTC or Universal Time Coordinated)

In JST or Japan Standard Time:
April 27, Sun. 0:10/6:10/12:10/18:10

Impressions from Enchanted event Saturday 5th April, London Gibson Hall

Yuko Ashizawa ( Atelier Pierrot )

Anh Binh Photography es3

Kunika Ono, Minori and Hirokawa Yumi
Anh Binh Photography es24

Hitomi Nomura ( Grimoire ) and Kyra from TPC


Enchanted fashion show including various indie and brand designers
( photos show from left to right: Juliette et Justine, Grimoire, Fidel David, Minori, Atelier Pierrot )
Anh Binh Photography #5Anh Binh Photography #10Anh Binh Photography #6
Ania Oz. de Lejarazu Photography x Enchanted
Ania Oz. de Lejarazu Photography x Enchanted

Two of Minori´s original costumes were auctioned
Anh Binh Photography es20

Minori´s make up tutorial

booths at Enchanted

Many lolitas and J-fashion lovers from all over the world attended . Thank you so much for coming!
Anh Binh Photography es26

Group picture
__IMG_6939 copie

Impressions from Enchanted tea party Sunday 6th April, Hotel Rubens at the Palace

Anh Binh Photography es12

The restaurant at Rubens at the palace

Guest of Honor table


__IMG_7522Anh Binh Photography #12

Puppet circus army!

SFE organizers ( not all pictured ) and special guests

Photographer Credits
Anh Binh Photography
Ania Oz. de Lejarazu Photography
League of Extraordinary Cosplayers
Marie Tuonetar Photography
Saoirse Clohessy Photography

Street Fashion Europe
Official Street Fahion Europe website
Official Flickr gallery
Our Tumblr

Please check our Press and Media section for event review links, more photos and videos!

Please follow our official facebook to stay tuned about our upcoming events!

Thank you <3
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