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The Swedish convention HarukaCon's 3.0 fashion show!

The Swedish convention HarukaCon 3.0, which will take place on the 20-22 of June in the south of Sweden, Karlskrona, are now looking for applicants to our fashion show!

The con which also has a main focus on fashion, except from the usual East Asian popcultural part, have invited Minori to be our VIP guest.


Posted with permission from sew_sweet

HarukaCon is in the southern of Sweden, in Karlskrona and is easily reached by train from Copenhagen (a 2 1/2 hour ride) or by plane from Stockholm (less then 1 hour). There are also ferries from Gdynia.

We are currently looking for people dressed in Japanese or Korean street fashion styles, not limited to lolita. We're especially looking for people dressed in: Lolita and Gyaru with sub-styles, more, shironuri, cult party kei, ulzzang, visual kei, ouji and similar boys' styles, dolly kei, fairy kei and decora.

Feel free to contact us anyway if you dress in another style.

To participate you have to send an email to: and name it "Fashion show"
Include your name, street fashion style and a picture of your outfit. The deadline for applying is the 14th of june.

For more information about the convention visit our website: Here
The names of the pages are not in English, but everything is translated below the Swedish text.

We also have a facebook site, where you can not only follow us for updates, but we also have a competition where the prize is getting a Shironuri makeover by Minori herself. Here

I hope I'll see you at HarukaCon 3.0!
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