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Old Black Peace Now OP?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

I have a tentative question regarding a Black Peace Now OP that is featured in one of the English version GLBs (Spring 2009, the wedding issue).

The OP looks like this (apologies for the quality of the photo, that's the best I could manage, I'm afraid):


The caption next to it says:Gathered Embroidered One-piece: Simple yet sophisticated, this dress is warm-weather ready with its short sleeves, open lace, feathery embroidery, and flirty ruffles. (¥ 29,400) I have tried looking it up online with variations on the keywords "gathered embroidered OP black peace now", but I couldn't find it anywhere. My question is, is anyone else familiar with this OP, or does anyone own it? Does it have another name/tagline that I might look it up by? I'm sure it's long out of stock, but I would like to find a less tentative way to try and track it down... It would also be  really helpful if I could see some more high quality stock photos of the dress.

[EDIT]: Just now, I realised Black Peace Now went bankrupt only last year and closed down its stores... I assume that's going to make finding this dress doubly difficult and, if it ever comes to that, buying it doubly expensive... :(

Apologies if this has been requested before and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Tags: *black peace now, garment: dresses, request: information, request: photos

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