Jessie-Kate (jessiekaterose) wrote in egl,

Flaws giving your Lolita pieces character..?

Do you have any Lolita pieces that are flawed in a way that you feel gives them character somehow? I know someone on here has an Angelic Pretty dress with custom lace that's sewn backwards and you can tell because "AP" is backwards. I have a dress that had a hole in it and I sewed over the hole, and even though you can't tell unless you're looking for it, you can tell it's not supposed to have stitching right there. I don't mind and maybe even like it because it's mine and it reminds me that I did a good job of repairing it instead of allowing the hole to get worse.

Better yet, has anyone ever pulled a Momoko and used a flaw as an excuse to make a piece even more intricate and unique? I'd love to see examples of this.
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