kitchenkomaeda (kitchenkomaeda) wrote in egl,

Tinychat and/or Oovoo : Text, Mic, Camming EGL group? THIS POST RETURNSSSS :D

Hi there! Me again. So, a few months ago I posted about thinking if anyone would like to join a room where lolitas can chat, mic, or cam! Skype, Oovoo, and Tinychat were all viable options, but I've decided to omit skype.

The user interface for Oovoo (despite it being like, a ghetto Skype lol) is pretty good whether you're on mobile or desktop! To be honest, especially for the mobile part, I like Oovoo more. The only problem is that Skype is more popular. And with Skype, I can tell you how many times the screens have frozen, or calls been dropped. Not once has this happened to me on Oovoo. Might be just me, I dunno, but eh, it works.

Then there's the other option, Tinychat. It's been around for a long while and I don't know how many of you have heard of it, but it's pretty neat also. There is an app for it (though it does kind of suck, but recent updates have been getting some of the buggies out) so if you need to be on mobile, you have that option. Like the other two you can text, mic, or cam. Yes, random people could enter the chat BUT I'm pretty sure rooms have a password protected option. I'll put one on so no need to worry about that ^_^ I'll just be sure to check and see if they still offer that feature.

Plus side to Tiny chat is - unless you're mobile - you don't need to download anything.

I mean in the end, we could just go with skype, but I personally do favour Oovoo and Tinychat for the mobile options.

I've already made the rooms and I will take full responsibility in managing it, and I dunno, I think it just be a really cute/cool thing! But, I need to know which of the sites/downloads more people would prefer. Tinychat you don't even need an account (you literally go there in a second and bam you're set) or Oovoo (very safe download, it's pretty organized and neat and you can personalize your screen thingy to make it cute, overall good interface).

If people would like to join and pipe in with suggestions this would be awesome! Of course the rooms would be open all the time since people have different timezones and the like, but even scheduled event thingies would be cool for some times also! Anyone into lolita would be welcome and if any problems are caused (though I'm doubtful there will beeee) they'll be removed from the chat. This would be easier to manage on Oovoo since accounts, whereas on Tinychat one could easily alter their IP.

But really it's up to all of you, which group you'd like to make this "happen" in. Tinychat or Oovoo? Because I'm okay with either one, i just want to know what all of you would prefer ^^

Thank you! If you have any questions feel free to ask :D
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