michilaine (michilaine) wrote in egl,

Worn pics: Cutsew OP's

Hellow fellow Lolitas,
Lately I have been very interested in Cutsew OP's, especially these 3 by Angelic Pretty:

                            Marching Girl                                                            Holy Stars                                                            Prim Idol

However, I am very tall (180 cm/5'11) and I am concerned these may look ridiculous on me.
I have searched everywhere for worn pics of these tree but found none. I did find a cute review on a similar OP here, but this lovely girl appears to be rather petite...
So, has any of you tall Lolitas tried out wearing Cutsew OP's? I would not wear them for Lolita, just as comfy and cute everyday wear.
Please share your pics and thoughts!
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