Apotheca Amaranthine (gienahclarette) wrote in egl,
Apotheca Amaranthine

Arcana Apparel's First Reservation : Arcane Aces Skirts

Posted with permission from wonderfinch.

Hello, EGL! My name is Katherine and I'm here to tell you about Arcana Apparels reservation for the Arcane Aces skirts. Because we must reach a minimum number of orders before we can ask the factory to begin production, we've decided to do our reservation over kickstarter. That way we can refund everyone easily if we don't make the minimum order requirements. Our fabric is custom printed on 100% cotton twill.

There is only one size for this order. These skirts have half-elastic waists and will fit waist measurements of 28 inches to 33 inches. We are offering the skirt in Bordeaux and Navy.

Here are a few images from our photoshoot.

For further information, please take a look at our kickstarter, here.

Tags: garment: skirts

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