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Invitation to Lolita Weekend with Misako Aoki

We invite you to enjoy a 100% Lolita weekend!

My Lolita Style presents Lolita Weekend, two days of hanging out and having fun among lovers of this fashion who will be assisting from all of Mexico and southern California, along with the presence of Misako Aoki, model and icon in Lolita.

Saturday, June 21st:

"Lolita fashion, from Japan to Tijuana"

Starts: 3:00 p.m. Ends: 6:30 p.m.
Talk length: 1:30 hrs.
Location: To be confirmed

General entry: $6 USD
VIP entry: $8 USD

  • VIP Includes: preferential entry, reserved seat in the first two rows, preferential section for Q&A, professional picture with Misako Aoki.

Conference and informative panel aimed at general public. Discover the magic of this fashion and lifestyle from the voice of its representatives, along with a fashion show organized by My Lolita Style.

Among the panelists are designers, illustrators, fans of the fashion, and the maximum representative of this aesthetic movement who is visiting us from Japan: Misako Aoki.

Our attendants will have access to the Lolita Boutique before and after the conference, at the end we will enjoy coffee break and casual hangout with a defined time period to take pictures with Misako Aoki.

Extra: To our dear assisting Lolitas and Boystylers, coffee break will be a moment of hangout to get to know and bond with each other. At 6:30 p.m., you will be invited to change location to continue with a Meet & Greet a la carte dinner, location to be confirmed soon.

Sunday, June 22:

“Dream Garden High Tea Party”

Doors open: 12:00 p.m. / Starts: 1:00 p.m. / Ends: 6:00 p.m.
Event length: 5 hrs. / Max. capacity: 75 people.
Location: Arté Casa Cacho, Calle Fresnillo No.2361 Col. Cacho,Tijuana B.C.

Dream Garden High Tea Party Ticket: $55 USD

At the first sip, it will caress your lips and warm your throat.
At the second, its sweet and delicate flavor will fill you.
At the third, it will transport you to a long lost era.
Taste it again, and you will be immersed in that dream you believed was only possible in your imagination.
Take a seat, tea is ready!

My Lolita Style invites you to live the experience of a traditional English High Tea in company of Misako Aoki.
Let yourself be taken to an experience of another era.


Menu: Three-course English High Tea:

Cup of water with rose essence

First course:

  • Vegetable cream, salty appetizer and herbal tea.

Second course:

  • Three-floor pedestal, starting with the first floor consisting in finger sandwich and salty appetizers, 4 to 6 different flavors, accompanied with herbal tea. Proceeding with the second pedestal, we move on to a fruit tea for enjoying portions of fresh season fruit. Lastly, delicious miniature desserts crown the top of our tower; you may request extra fruit tea.

Third course:

  • Enjoy a freshly baked berry scone accompanied with lemon jelly and Devonshire cream sided with black tea.

At the beginning of the High Tea Party we will be instructed with the proper protocol and its etiquette in order to have a marvelous experience.


  • Talk show with Misako Aoki, in a more intimate conversation with our guest of honor. Led by our special guest Lovely Lor from Sh!t Lolita Say.

  • Indie Fashion Showcase, we will count with the presence of Indie Lolita brands from all over the world in an exclusive show, also, be part of the show by becoming a Spokesmodel. Expect the registration soon and keep an eye on the participating brands.

  • Lolita Indie Brand Boutique, get a variety of dresses, products, and merchandise from our participating Indie brands, and from Misako Aoki.

  • Experience English High Tea and etiquette.

  • Hangout time and activities, Misako will visit your table.

  • Professional photography: Individual picture of your coordinate, picture with Misako Aoki and group picture, will be given to you in digital form.

  • Autograph signing with Misako Aoki, when getting your autograph you will have a moment with her to ask her anything you want.

  • Lolita illustrator exposition.

  • Raffles, gifts, and many other surprises!

We are excited and anxious to greet you! Two days of hanging out among friends, reunited to create beautiful memories. Do not miss out on more news regarding this event by checking My Lolita Style's fanpage on Facebook.


We start selling tickets on Monday, March 24, payments can be done by PayPal, no fees charge, you will find all the information at
You can find me on facebook "Daniela Michel"

Ticket types:
SATURDAY: General entry: $6 USD • 100 tickets available.
SATURDAY: VIP entry: $8 USD • 40 tickets available.
Includes: preferential entry, reserved seat in the first two rows, preferential section for Q&A, professional picture with Misako Aoki.

SUNDAY: Dream Garden High Tea Party Ticket: $55 USD • 35 tickets available.

BOTH DAYS: Lolita Weekend VIP $65 USD • 40 tickets available.
Entry to both events: VIP panel (with its respective benefits) and Dream High Tea Party, plus you will be able to reserve the purchase of Misako's new book and an item of her merchandise to choose in advance. Don't risk letting Misako's books run out!

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