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What would you like to see in a lolita channel? (+ shameless self promotion)

Hi everyone!
I'm a relatively young UK based aspiring lolita model and blogger (soon to be youtuber). I'll be putting out lolita and pullip doll related videos and doing photoshoots every month or so.

So here's my question: what sort of things do you want to see on my channel? Of course I'll probably include the typical review videos and such that you normally find, but I want to include some comedy as well, perhaps make it open to a wider audience. Imagine if you will a mix between the much contested venusangelic and beloved deerstalkerpictures. Because of medical reasons I spend most of my time at home, so I thought this would be a nice thing to devote my time to and give back to the community! My first plan is to make a lolita guide to London in a sort of Coco Peru-type video (if you don't know who I'm talking about go check her videos out, she's fabulous).

Additionally, I thought it'd be pertinent to mention that I have a habit of swearing quite a lot, and I tend to use it for comedic effect in videos I make. Do you think this would be a major issue for anyone? Would it be to 'un-lolita'? I'm of the mind that most would be fine with it, but I really do want to make the channel as accessible as possible.

Anyway, let me know what you think! My official facebook page is here, and my tumblr is here for those interested!

Thanks for your time!


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