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Wear and Tear: A check-in for your most well-worn items

There are some items in our wardrobe that take a ridiculous amount of punishment over the months of use they get, and considering the price most lolitas tend to pay for their goods, it had better hold up to it! ...Or so we assume. The one true test of quality and sturdy craftsmanship is time. Did the buttons pop off of your AaTP blouse despite fitting well within posted measurements? Did the shirring go limp in your bodyline jsk after just 6 months? Have your BTSSB shoes fallen apart after one use? Post a 'then and now' image or story of your most well-worn items, and how they've stood up to the test!

Petticoats are one of the most heavily used and abused items in our closets. They're one of the most essential parts of a lolita's coord, and provide structure and support for a dress who's beauty and detailing would suffer without it.

Item(s) Purchased: Malco Modes A-line petticoats 565 (Net Tulle) and 592 (Organdy)
Items' Age: 3 years (565) and 2 years (592)
Level of use and Abuse: I am not kind to my petticoats. I walk in them, I sit on them, I drive in them, I shop in them, and I crush them to get through doorways. They get shoved on shelves, stuffed in backpacks and suitcases, ziptied for transport, and a host of other things. I was wearing them almost daily for a while as well, to the tune of 4+ days a week.
Before: The 565 was, no joke, a fluffy pink behemoth. It was huge, and it ate my couch. I posted a review of it some time ago on this site, asking about whether I needed to trim it down or not. As it was, I couldn't walk through the doorways of my apartment without having to hold it down. It was IMMENSE poof-age. The 592, when I bought it, was far more subdued but still very fluffy, and was much softer and less scratchy against my skin. It stood up to anything and everything I could throw at it.
After: 3 years later, the 565 has shrunk. It has lost a little more than half of its original volume, and nothing I do will fluff it back up to its former glory. It has still kept its shape, but the net has starting to fold in on itself from the weight of my dresses,, and doesn't offer nearly the VA-VA-VOOM it once had. It has been relegated to con-size poof, where I need it for layering purposes. It also made noise, LOTS of noise, when I was out and about. It rustled when I walked, like walking through dry beach-grass. The 592, however, has resisted all my attempts to break it. It holds its shape no matter what I do to it. I wore this petticoat while driving for nearly 3 hours, held its shape all day, and what little loss in poof I had sprang back to life after throwing it into a tumble dryer for half an hour. I throw it under the velvet JSK that was the death of my last petticoat, and it laughed in the face of adversity.
Would you recommend this to another Lolita? The 592, oh hell yes I would! It's the poof that just keeps on keepin' on. The 565...Not so much. While I recommend the size for lolitas looking to balance out their shape with a more voluminous petticoat, I can't recommend it for long-term use. The loss off puff, the noise, and the inability to sit in the silly thing ultimately sets my decision.

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