Emily (sugaryalchemist) wrote in egl,

Looking for Worn Pics!

Hello, all. I recently purchased the Royal Crown's Tea Package skirt in black with the matching belt pouch and rosette.

Royal Crown's Rosette
Royal Crown's Tea Package

I have searched high and low but cannot find any worn pictures of this item, or even this set. I assume it wasn't very popular? Does anyone have worn pictures of it? I need a little coordination help, though I do have a few ideas.

My friend is hosting an Alice in Wonderland meetup in May, and I'm going as the March Hare. So far I'd like to wear the skirt with a white blouse, black short vest, red velvet blazer, white stockings, black boots or red heels (still undecided,) with a straw hat, rabbit ears, and black, red, and gold accessories. But, I still need a few ideas on REGULAR coordination for this skirt! Con-crit would also be helpful on the March Hare idea. :D
Tags: *alice and the pirates, coordinates: concrit request, coordinates: questions, garment: skirts, request: advice, request: photos

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