alroetsue (alroetsue) wrote in egl,

Need a bit of help for a coord

Sup guys,

So a month or so ago, I purchased Atelier Pierrot's long bustle corset dress in winexwhite ( ). Now, as the weather is slowly warming up I have considered wearing it, but I'm unsure as to how I could coordinate this piece. I'm not sure what colour shoes I should wear (I have black, white, and brown mary janes and I also have brown and black oxfords) or even what kind of socks/tights/etc. I was considering going the neutral route and wear solid white tights with black shoes, then piece together accessories to tie in the black more for the overall look but I can't help but be hesitant.

I don't really want to purchase red shoes either, as I feel that I would only wear them for one outfit for the entirety of their existence. But anyways.

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