kunoichiyvette (kunoichiyvette) wrote in egl,

Shooting Stars OTKs 2013 release logo

Hello, I was wondering if the Shooting Stars OTKs 2013 release has the Angelic pretty Logo on them at the sole.

A buyer bought a pair from a seller of a sales community. The seller sold them are real APs.  They dont have the logo on it and she fears that the OTKs are replicas.
And asked this in the sales community. She said that they have the AP in the stars ,just like the real AP ones, but no logo.
They are new, so the logo could not have been worn off.

I thought I would jump in and ask on EGL, to be sure. I know I would find the answer here :)

Most OTKs has the Angelic pretty logo in pink on there soles with the item code. So I though the Shooting Stars OTKs has it too.
But from what I have seen on pictures, no logo.

Can someone verify this for me? Do you have a pair of Shooting Stars OTKs from the 2013 release? Do or Do they not have the logo on them?

Thanks in advanced !
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