gothiccarnation (gothiccarnation) wrote in egl,


Over the past day or so I've been making designs for dresses, and I'd like your opinions on them and how to improve them.

First design, a JSK
1. Ruffles
2. Triangle bib w/ lace
3. Ruffles w/ bows
4. Waist Tie bow w/ shirring

Second design, an OP
Image (2)
1. Over shoulder sailor top w/ lace and bow
2. Layered off color ruffles
3. Lace
4. Corset back

Third design, an OP
Image (3)
1. Poofed cuffs w/ lace
2. Laced seams
3. Three tiered ruffles w/ lace
4. Tie around bow

Thanks for looking!
Tags: garment: dresses

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