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Brand Introduction : PIRIYA


Hello everyone :D

My name is Nanthanit. I have been sewing my own lolita clothes since I started waring this fashion. I love drawing and designing a lot.
I decided to found my own lolita brand so that I can share my design to other lolitas :3 I specialise in making classic and gothic dresses but sometimes I make sweet-classic. I am going to
release my first design for this brand very soon. Please take a look <3

P1070098 copyP1070115
"Florence onepiece"
(more photos on my FB/tumblr)


DSC_2309 (1)DSC_23391 (2)

Some of my past works

Sleepy hollow inspired JSK
victorian maiden replica ( with some changes )
finishP1070186 (1)
The white OP is upcycled from old dress
P1070188 (1)P1070197 (1)

I accept all kind of commission and all of my clothes are custom-sized.
I aim to use high quality materials as much as possible but every garments must have affordable prices.
Hope you like my works ^_^ If you would like to see more please check my FB page and tumblr. Links are in my journal :D
I also put the details about the first dress 's reservation is in my journal too!

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