mewnekosay (mewnekosay) wrote in egl,

first coordinate tips needed

Hi everyone! Im here asking for some tips to make a coordinate with this skirt: I want the skirt in green but i dont really know how to coordinate it correctly i was thinking i could maybe use the white rocking horse shoes im getting with white tights, a white blouse and the bow that the skirt has on the front as a head peace, but i feel its to much white. If i cant coordinate the skirt in green i would do in in black and white. So any ideas,tips? Note: english is not my firts language so im not very good at writing it im fluent at speacking it but not writing it so im sorry if i have grammar problems ill try to do my best in correcting this post. Im sorry if the post appears as a big chunk of text im tring to fix that problem but well its not working (sad face)

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