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Hello, I need some advice and help and I dont know where else to turn!

Hi... My name is Caroline, I live in norway. I have always loved the lolita fashion, and I have like... 1 dress... and I have worn it once... and it was on halloween.... I was a broken doll... I was wondering, like... how do I get started?

I know I can get stuff from bodyline... and I have done reserch... but, its like... how to I get to know people in the same 'community' ? is it on here?

how do I choose a lolita style? I love them all!

I can not affort this type of style.... do you know anywhere I can get cheaper stuff.... just to kinda get started... ?

any... like... tips and tricks?

here is a photo of me from halloween, just so you can see the dress I already have...


its the pink dress :P and it was really cold... wich is why I had a black tights... but nobody cared so its ok.....
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