Luna Juliette Ravenscroft (crescentlunamis) wrote in egl,
Luna Juliette Ravenscroft

Are there different versions of the ETC Woodland Animals JSK?

I'm on the cusp of buying one of my dream prints, Emily Temple Cute's Woodland Animals. I've only ever seen the jsk version as listed on lolibrary, and the version I'm about to buy has slight differences like the thickness of the straps, the different bow, the lack of the black edged fabric... The other version is still nice, and I wouldn't mind buying it, but I want to make sure it's not a replica or that there is some information I should know. Any information you might have or advice would be wonderful!

woodlandanimalsjsk vs 65841_original
Lolibrary                                                          Version I'm Considering
Tags: *emily temple cute, discussion: prints, request: information, request: photos

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