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Infanta Taobao direct shipping review (mostly positive)

I recently received my purchase from Infanta from contacting them directly and I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding the items I received!

So first of all, I really have to commend Infanta for their speediness in general. I sent them the first email on the night of March 4th, and received my items today on March 13. That's 9 days for the entire transaction! Total! From China! That's insane!

Timeline was as follows:
3/4 I send them an email in English asking about if they would be willing to sell me the items directly, as I lived overseas. I asked if they accepted Paypal and what the total would be with shipping. I translated also my message into Chinese in case it would help speed things up/my English was hard to understand.

3/5 Infanta replies in Chinese, confirming that they accept Paypal but that they have to add a 5% fee because of the seller charges. The give me the total plus shipping in both RMB and USD, plus their Paypal address.

I go ahead and send them the total through Paypal and send them an email to make sure they know (and I accidentally omitted ONE word from my reply because I was typing quickly and it was enough to turn my sentence of "wow, thank you for such a fast reply" into the much more doge-like "wow thank you for giving such reply~" d'oh)

3/6 Infanta replies again, saying they've received the payment. The ask me to confirm the recipient, my address, and my phone number. I do so.

3/6 (again), Infanta confirms the email verifying my details and says they'll let me know when they have a tracking number

3/12 at 12:11am In English, Infanta emails me a final time with the tracking number. I go to the UPS site to look it up and saw it would arrive on 3/13, a Thursday. I assume it means NEXT Thursday, but suddenly seeing the date I realize it means tomorrow! They opted for 2 day shipping and it was crazy fast.

3/13 (today) I receive my package, hooray!

Moving on to what I ordered, I ordered 3 things
1. Creamy cat pin in white
2. 99 RMB blouse in off white
3. Snow White Disney Version OP

Everything stuffed into a UPS bag

Out of the UPS bag. Everything was wrapped in its own individual plastic bag

First up is the Creamy Cat pin (I don't remember if that's the exact name). It's a bit messy in the back with the hot glue and the stitching at the very top of the paw doesn't look very straight, it almost looks ragged? In any case it was 16 RMB and that is literally not even $3 USD so I don't mind the quality.

Next up is the 99 RMB blouse in off white. I am so happy with this, it fits really well and the cotton feels nice. There are some loose threads but I brushed them off. I was considering getting it in size L but I'm so happy I actually got it in XL because it fits perfectly.

I don't know if you can make it out in this picture, but the only issue is that the ends of the ribbon aren't finished. But again, it's not a big deal to me.

Blouse and pin worn together

Finally, the reason for my order, the Snow White Disney Version OP. When I pulled it out of the bag I stopped for a moment because it looks... um... very yellow?

It's really difficult to see in this photo the true color. In this shot, it looks more cream/off-white but it is pretty yellow and I really wasn't expecting that. For reference, my bedspread is white.

This is the stock photo. Definitely seemed off-white to me in the photos.

Detail of the bottom ruffles

Overall, I think it's an ok dress. It's fully lined and the blue velvet on the bodice feels very sturdy and luxe. I did find a few stray threads after I had finished taking photos, some coming out of a seam on the outside. I will try to take a picture later and post it in the comments.

Here is the back. The lace is a bit weird on the neck of the dress. I'm not sure if it's supposed to lay flat or stand up, but right now it's in the middle. Something else to note, this dress is not shirred. You can make it a bit smaller with the lacing in the back but it will go no bigger. I thought I'd just mention it in case anyone else was wondering.

Another issue I've found is with the flower that came with the dress

Besides the slightly messy hot glue (which I can forgive) there is an issue with the pins. The right hand pin is hindered by the left hand pin because they have been applied a bit too closely together. I actually ended up bending the right pin trying to get it undone and it's hard to get both of them closed at the same time.

TL;DR In sum, there were a few issues with the items (it's just so yellow) but I really was expecting a few bumps. I'm overall happy with my purchase and I will likely be ordering from Infanta again in the future.

Did I save any money from buying direct from them? I'd like to think so. The final total for all three items with shipping (minus Paypal fees) was the same price as what they sell the Snow White dress for alone on their Aliexpress store, and it was certainly cheaper than using a Taobao SS.

To close, here are some quick, half-baked, unimpressive coords I threw together to see how everything looked. I covered my face because I'm making a dumb face in all of them. This is my first post in the community, I'd be happy to answer any additional questions you have/post more photos if you want them!

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