Imani (yooozora) wrote in egl,

First lolita coord help?

Ah, hello there. I'm not going to make an intro (Since it says no introduction posts in the rules.), but I will say I am very new to Lolita, but not new to knowing about it. I've known a lot about it since probably the 7th grade and have gradually gotten my knowledge better in it.

Anyways, so I have a friend that is going to sell me this dress from Bodyline Yokoso in Off White, and I was hoping if anyone could help me make a good coordination for it? I'm usually pretty good putting together sweet coords, not really Shiro. (Sobs)

Dress: l061-2

Thank you very much for your time.

(And..uh, if I happened to do something wrong in my blog, please do tell me so I can correct it.)

Tags: coordinates: questions

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