bombdoll (nefariousnoose) wrote in egl,

Offbrand shoe question: T.U.Ks

Hi all, I'm curious what you think of these shoes; their aesthetic, opinions, and most importantly (if anyone owns them) their comfort! They're T.U.K brand, which I know lots of people find lolible for the kitty mary-janes and creepers loved by the community. This brand has even produced tea-party-like shoes (sold out, I'm afraid). But I rather like the look of these so-called "rocket heels" in pin-up style prints with the classic 50's peep-toe. Do you think we should keep peep-toes out of lolita?

I know some of these colours are a bit saturated, but I can think of several ways to coordinate these, and they look like they could be good for otome and casual coords, especially in the summer and dry months. T.U.K produces some more gothic shoes with platforms, round toes and chunky heels, and as much as I wish I could like them this is the only heel that's been calling to me lately.

I'm hoping someone owns them, or other T.U.K heels, and can let me know how they feel when worn, and their sizing. I've read that the sizing is small, and then some say its big, and I have no idea how to go with them. The American online store doesn't accept size exchanges, but the U.K. one does. Living in Canada means the shipping is equally as expensive for them, so I'm leaning for buying from the U.K store so if I order a size that doesn't work I'm not stuck with paying return shipping for another size.

Any input is appreciated, even if its to say you absolutely hate them and wouldn't consider them to work with lolita at all.

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