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Coordinating this dress?

Hey girls! Could you maybe offer some sage advice on coordinating this JSK I got? :P
I got this JSK in black x white a while back in Bodyline's second wave of lucky packs. I actually really like it for a BL dress, it's made fairly well and the only real complaint I have about it is that it could use some fabric softener. I also like the versatility of having the gather ribbons to give the skirt a different look.

I'm having troubles figuring out how the heck I coordinate this thing though, it's rather bold and I don't really have many bold things XD
I kinda wish the underskirt was black rather than white (because I prefer having a more black outfit than more white). Maybe I could try putting on a black underskirt over that layer and see.

As for other things I've got that I can possibly coordinate this with, I've got...

-long sleeved white blouse with peter pan collar
-short sleeved white blouse with high-neck collar and bow
-black blouse with detachable sleeves

-IW OTKs in black
-sheer and black striped tights (similar to this)
-plain black tights (self explanatory lol)
-plain white OTKs

-black underskirt

-black mary janes
-white mary janes (both the exact same shoe but in different colors)
-black oxford-type low heels (like this but in black)

I will be wearing a black coat over this because it's Vancouver and we're expecting shit weather :P

I wanna go with a white blouse, the black overskirt, and plain black tights, but I'm just so unsure about how to go about coordinating such a dress with a loud print XD

It is also worth mentioning I have very long (23") dark red hair with violet undertones, I kinda like that it would add a splash of color to the outfit :3 Styling suggestions would also be appreciated. I'd be able to figure out headwear and accessories based on the rest of the coord.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions :3
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