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REVIEW: Lief Regimental Instrumental OP (Navy)

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing this lovely dress :D

Shop Info:
Country: Korea
Language: English / Korean
Payment: Paypal
Contact here.
Little side note: The dress is the sample used for the stock pictures on Lief's site. I got to model this same dress for an event in in my hometown. It was sold cheaper because it had been previously used. The designer shipped all the dresses for the fashion show to Mexico's Kawaii Ambassador, that's how I got it. So I really didn't get to experience the whole packaging and delivery, but I have read really great reviews on that.

On to the review!
This dress is REALLY pretty.

My pics :D
So this the M size dress.
I'm 1.57 cm tall, 101 cm bust and 68 cm waist.  It fit me just right.
I really don't like long dresses but I loved the lenght of this one.

Materials: 4.5/5
Details are super well taken care of. Very pretty.
Everything is super good quality. This dress is pure perfection.


The print is not that vibrant in person, but comes out beautiful in pictures.
I just would've liked it much more if the print was brighter, like the
stock photos. Still it is not a huge deal.


Construction and design 5/5
I like mostly everything, the belt not so much.
This dress has 2 hidden pockets :D and no waist-ties.
It also includes a piano brooch.

Wearing the dress.

My picture and blog post about the event were posted on Lief's site :D

Overall: 4.5/5
I don't like the belt much and that the print is not that vibrant in person, but I love this dress.
Details are super pretty and I find their desings really unique compared to other brands.
If you have the money to splurge on one of their desings I totally recommend Lief.
It is worth the money =D
I have moar detailed pics on my blog, you can read it here

Hope it is helpful!

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