dark_light_alls (dark_light_alls) wrote in egl,

Help with my first coord?

~*Hello everyone*~
~*I'm new to lolita and have finally taken the plunge to try out this new fashion so please help me with my recent purchase ^-^*~

I ordered a couple of skirts and a blouse from Bodyline as I have read they are a good starting point for newbies.

I got this blouse in White or off white according to them


This skirt in pink


And this skirt in Black


So I also ordered a pair of black socks with a white ribbon on it and a wig. But i'm not sure how to pair this with either outfit,
as I don't have any other colored socks unless I make an emergency trip to the mall and I really want to wear the black skirt for my birthday coming up.

So how do I pair up this outfit? I know it may seem simple for a lot of you but I want to do it right(as much as possible).
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