aliciandreams (aliciandreams) wrote in egl,

RuffleCon rooms?


A friend of mine and I are planning to go to RuffleCon this October! We're really excited. Unfortunately, we're both 18, and it's just about impossible to get a hotel room if you're under 21. Is there anyone who would want to split a hotel room with two very quiet and polite 18-year-olds?
It would be for Friday and Saturday night (the 3rd and 4th). We'll be driving up from Virginia, which means we'll supply a car to get back and forth to the con. We're looking to go with the cheapest hotel option (2-star hotels in the $50-$60 range) but we're flexible if you're set on something a little nicer, especially since we'll be splitting it between more people. We'd also be up for a pair of people if you're a party of two hoping to cut hotel costs and have a car available. Ladies only, though, please (sorry, gents!).
Please message me or comment if you're interested! We can get in touch later over phone/Skype/email to arrange details.


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