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NYC Ice Breaker Tea Party 3/29

Lets welcome spring by warming up our bodies and our hearts with this fun day of activities hosted by some of the ladies in the New York City and sponsored by Zammap's Pretty Little Things.

Bored with the normal sit and sip tea party or walking for hours at the park or city?

Event ticket price will cover rental cost and snacks.
Tickets are only $15!

This will be for a three hour event from 12-3pm on Saturday the 29th at a private rental space just a few blocks away from Penn Station!

More information can be found at the facebook event page


Tea Party will begin with settling in and drinking tea. Snacks will accompanied with light classical music. After a half hour surprise activity will start to get you shuffled around!

The 2nd hour of the event will be games. Board and card games will be handed out. You can continuing eating while playing.

At the last hour tables and chairs will be pushed to the walls to allow standing room. A large group game will begin followed by duet (laptop) karaoke and a finial sing-a-long with everyone in the room.

As we clean and pack up you should have made many new friends and you should be able to take it up from there! You can split up and eat dinner together. There are many places to eat nearby, and Korea town is only a few blocks away!

I hope to see you there!
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