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Review: Lief x Cloud Chamber's Night at the Basilica JSK (Super Positive!)

Hi everyone!
So today, I will be reviewing my order with Lief, for their collaboration with Cloud Chamber. I have ordered from them in the past, for the star headpiece from the Angela Stella series. This was through ODIP, before I discovered they had a Facebook that you can order directly from.
Their facebook can be found here.

The dress design and samples can be seen from this photoset through their facebook. Their photoshoot can be seen here.

I hesitated on this series because I wasn't sure if I was in love with it. After about 3 months after release, I finally decided to message Lief through facebook, asking for stock. Luckily, they had one dress left! It wasn't in black like I wanted originally, but honestly after receiving the dress, it's much better than I imagined.

-2/27 10:00 AM: Message Lief through facebook, inquiring about leftover stock.
-2/27 3:30 PM: Lief responds, and tells me there is one left.
-2/27 6:00 PM: I respond, saying that I will purchase it. Lief promptly sends me an invoice.
-2/27 10:30 PM: Lief receives my payment and says they will ship it out tomorrow.
-2/28: I receive a tracking number from Lief.
-3/3: The package arrives to my door but I fell asleep and missed it! I got the dreaded pink slip. So I picked it up today (3/4).

My experience with Lief was very good. I'm glad I got to work with them directly this time, and their facebook responses as well as page give me a good impression. But enough with the chatter, here's pictures!


The box is dented, which scared me a little bit. Thanks, post office. But I'm just glad nothing is fragile in it. The last package from Lief also was in a pink box, so that was really cute!

Here was the contents of the box. The dress and the cards are wrapped separately.

This was super cute. Sora (the creator of Lief) included green tea latte mixes as well as 2 cards; one has a girl on a rocking horse with "2014 Year of the Horse" as well as a print preview of the High Noble Tea series.

The dress outside of the package. I have trouble using this camera still, but the dress is a bit darker and a much deeper blue. The material is so soft, and the new tags were a pretty touch. The swatch color preview looked so much brighter, but this was a definite relief! It reminds me of a Moi-Meme-Moitie blue.

The inside of the dress is lined with cotton.

And the print in all its glorious detail! I messed with the dress for a good five minutes before I gave up trying to straighten it out, haha. It's definitely a lot darker than the swatch colors showed, and the detail is something you can't ignore.

I mean, even getting up close, I didn't imagine this level of beauty! The small, delicate windows, or the wings of the angel... I can't believe it!

But where is the dress seam?! It's like the print never ends.

Oh wait. It's right there! I was really impressed that Lief lined up the print on the side. I've only seen one other brand do this (Krad Lanrete), and even Japanese brand doesn't do this. I really don't think this is a coincidence that it does. If it is a coincidence, then I must have been really lucky.

And here is the inside, with the lovely tags. I was worried that the dress would not sit on my body well since I'm on the taller side. However there are two buttons on the straps, so you can shorten or lengthen the straps as you please. Perfect!
If you would like to see more hi-res photos, you can access this imgur album with the photos uploaded to it.

Overall, this dress and experience has been the best I have ever experienced. I felt very welcome by Sora (who I assume is the person who runs the Facebook page), and the prompt shipping was nice. The print may be busy but that gives more for the eye to admire. I'm so excited to welcome this new beauty into my wardrobe! Thank you, Lief. I hope you continue to grow and produce more beautifully intricate goods. Thank you for looking at my review.
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