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Formal/prom suitable Lolita dress?

Hi, I'm a newbie just starting out though I've been watching this community for like five years? I've only recently slowly started building my wardrobe.

Anyways, I have a year 12 formal coming up at the end of the month and I wanted to try having something different and unique. So I thought maybe incorporate some Lolita into it? Since it'd money better spent as I know I can use it again or sell it if I need.

I was hoping for something like haenuli's ball of starlight jsk except it definitely won't come in time:'(... So is there something that's similar to it or perhaps something that would work for such an event just as well? It's a rather fancy place so I want to be able to match up to it as well.

I was also considering having a 'normal' dress, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa and having a Lolita bag such as a book bag or baby's heart ribbon bag and/or some fancy headdresses, are there any that would work well?

Any suggestions are welcome, I'm really open to any ideas^^
And thanks!
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