Harley Queen (lakalove) wrote in egl,
Harley Queen

wedding dress help please?

hello everyone my name is elizabeth, im getting married soon and i kinda need a dress. my problem is i am kind of on a budget and im very picky. im also not having a traditional ceremony, my wedding will be just me and my man in a judges office with his siblings, with a possible multiple receptions afterward so i kind of was looking for something on the shorter side but still dressy? i thought lolita would be perfect but my fiance likes traditional white gowns...im very petite im only five feet high and my soon to be 12 year old little brother in law weighs more than i do so it safe to say i have pretty much no curves, so id like something more fitted on top so i dont look like im five but i think something fun and anime like would be more my style. (even though i usually go for a more classic style.) i had imagined maybe a more mainstream dress with a bit of a classic loli flair maybe corsetted on top with a cupcake skirt and tons of lace so that it could still be worn with lolita/anime style accessories and still look put together and planned out. my fashion idol is marie antoinette and so far i think dior and pnina tornai are my fave designers but way out of my price range. what do you guys think? i can take this down if its annoying but i just didnt know if the power of the egl network could help point me in the right direction?(im sorry if i offended anyone, i know very well that lolita and anime are two seperate things the only thing i meant was i could purchase lolita and anime accessories seperately and they might look put together. again im very sorry if i have offended anyone.)

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