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Haenuli's newst print catalogue~ Ball of Starlight

Hello girls, This is Haenuli , It's been a while :) <3
How are you? I was quite sick with influenza(well I am okay now XD), gosh, please take care and drink many tea, tea really help me a lot in cold weather :D

However, I am glad to show you the new design, frankly I didn't used to make this design.
This design was made with accident, cause the bodice print came so huge, so I was going to give up. But when I pin this fabirc to bodice it comes to lovely dress to me :)
Many friends give me so many ideas and advice, and it really helped me a lot^_^ And it came to lovely dress,Hope you girls love this as me

I coordination my model like Audery, want to make lovely classy look, Lolita but also lovely design.
Hope you also enjoy with this print :)

I coord this look without blouse and without petticoats :D!!
I usually love OTT style with huge fluffy petticoats but wanted to show many kind of coordination how this dress comes

This is my favorite picture XD She look so cute in here.

It really look different with Blouse and petticoats :D I really love bonnet coordination, it's really my taste
Glad to show all the pictures again ^_^ , Hope you enjoy :)

Tags: coordinates: photos, garment: dresses, media: photoshoots

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