alizador (alizador) wrote in egl,

Sleeping beauty worn pics

Hi everyone!
I'm here to ask for worn pictures! (Yeah another post asking things! How boring, isn't it?)
I promise I tried to look on daily lolita, google and tumblr! But I can't find anything... So I would like to see pictures of the sleeping beauty JSK from AatP, and more precisely of which blouses you paired with it.
I'm sewing a blouse and I'm not sure of what type of collars looks good with the top of this dress. I want to add that peter pan collar don't look good on me so pictures with this doesn't interest me, sorry! <3
And pictures of the cream jsk coordinated would also be appreciated, to see how you coordinated it!
Thanks everyone!

PS: I tried to tag everything well and do nothing wrong!
Tags: *alice and the pirates, garment: dresses, request: inspiration, request: photos, sewing: garments, sewing: help/questions

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