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An Aesthetically Pleasing, Athletically Teasing Saturday!

The Austin, Texas lolita community had a very busy weekend with two meets in a single day. It was pretty crazy, but absolutely worth it. Our group already had our "Lolita Olympics" in the works when we caught wind of a charity fundraiser walk the same day and decided we could fit both into our plans. The result was a super busy weekend that was a lot of fun and an overwhelmingly positive experience for our community.

The first item of business was our "Lolita Winter Olympic Games", which took place at the local comic book, board game and geekery emporium, Dragon's Lair. They have a side room often reserved for special gaming events and we were able to make use of it for several hours.

We had five events. Our first event had been kept secret until the day of- at the start of the games, all participants were encouraged to make a post on the social media website of their choice about the games. Whoever had the most likes/retweets/tumbles/whatever by the end of the event won. Many selfies were taken.

One of our other events was the ever-popular "Iron Lolita", where teams had thirty minutes to create a lolita ensemble from newspaper, duct tape and staples as well as a "secret ingredient". To pay tribute to our hosts, the secret ingredient was COMIC BOOKS.

One team made sure to fully accessorize with a handbag and even a pair of circle lenses. XD

Another team chose to use only Adventure Time comics for a themed coordinate.

And the third team just let the comics speak for themselves by using the whole covers.

Another of our games (and my personal favorite) was called "Print, Lose, or Draw". The girls formed teams of two or three and were equipped with large pieces of paper and crayons. Then the names of famous prints were called out, and each team had five minutes to try and draw the print from memory. Points were awarded for accuracy as well as humor (which definitely came in to play for some of our classic and gothic girls.)

Some efforts were more successful than others.

Our other games included "Speed Purikura" where contestants used their cell phone apps to quickly edit photos in three rounds (lolita, non lolita, selfie) and a "Lolita Match Game" where players had to guess which of members of our panel had answers that best matched the ones I had received on a survey done online. (The TV show version of this was just called "the Match Game".) No photos of these as it was pretty much just people sitting in chairs or on their phones.

Some of our players and judges. Look at those fancy medals!

Immediately afterwards, several of us scooted to the "Illuminate Austin" walk, which was a charity fundraiser to help support Safe Place an organization which provides services to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. The ATX Lolitas registered a team and together our group raised over $1400 for Safe Place! I can't tell you how proud I am of us all!

One of our team members holding the shirt she earned for gathering over $100 in contributions

Many of us were still in lolita, but others joined us in their "Keep Austin Kawaii" shirts that we ordered as a group. The shirts were designed by one of the talented ladies in our comm. :)

Here's our group (and also my puppy who snuck in to the shot.)

The speakers led everyone present at the walk in a round of stretches.

And soon, we were off! The walk began just as the sun was beginning to set.

By the time we made it to the other side of the lake, dusk arrived and the luminaries around the walking path began working their magic.

It was a lot of fun just being outside in the glorious weather, enjoying time with each other.

At the start of the second lap, we were all given glow sticks.

We may have paused once or twice for photos.

Finally! We made it! Congratuwelldone!

All in all it was a tiring, but very rewarding day. I felt so fortunate to have people to share it with. I really love the ladies (and gentlemen) in my local community; they're always ready for a challenge and never shy away from doing new things. I can't wait for our next meet. :)


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