gummybuns_chan (gummybuns_chan) wrote in egl,

Bodyline JSK l547, any feedback?

Hello Lolis,
I tried searching the tags and search engine on LJ with no results. Google hasn't been my best friend as I've found no reviews, only an opinion post of the print from looking at it on the website. Sincere apologies if there is a post somewhere and I missed it.

I'm pretty fond of it in yellow, lilac and mint but I'd like to know more about it and maybe see a worn photo. It's doubtful it would fit me being plus size b110/w100cm and 2L fits Back center of length 93cm, Bust 88-94cm, Waist 80-86cm, but if it was worth it, I'd consider modifying it.

Thanks for your time and any helpful replies.
Again sorry if I missed any posts.
Tags: !new releases, *bodyline, request: photos, request: review, review company: bodyline

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