Seamora Palecloud (seamora) wrote in egl,
Seamora Palecloud

Does a Jane Marple Mushroom Design Exist?

I've been quietly reading through posts in this community for a while now, and have finally mustered up enough courage to post one myself.

I've always liked fly agaric mushrooms, and have seen a few of them show up in Lolita designs. I'm also fond of Jane Marple's clothing styles. So far, I haven't seen mushrooms of any sort in any of their prints, though I will admit that, since I'm relatively new to Lolita, I'm not familiar with many of Jane Marple's designs. I checked Lolibrary and Hello Lace, but both searches turned up nothing. I've seen Jane Marple mushroom jewelry, but have they ever released any clothing with a mushroom motif?

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.
Tags: *jane marple, request: advice, request: information

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