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How to fix a broken zipper!

Hello all!

Alright I know at least one time in your life you have had a zipper decided to split on you (yes pun intended XD), heaven forbid at a Lolita get together! o.o (that's why you always have a spare. whether it be an Lolita skirt/jsk/op or normal outfit. Last ditch effort... lots and lots of safety pins ... I mean lots) So how many of you out there had one bust on a favorite print or handbag? No the world is not over, trust me, I'm not a doctor but I can help! :D

So you have your dress, skirt, or whatnot in your hand with a busted zipper, you have three choices.
- Sell it (maybe one can fix it)
- Pay someone to fix it (not good if you are broke too)
- Fix it yourself (way to go you crafty person you!)

Hopefully you picked the last one... So on to the tutorial!! Yay!!!

(love this movie!! <3)

What you will need:
Step 1-4
- Your garment or handbag
- Sharp scissors
- Needle
- Thread that matches your item


Using Pliers
- Your garment or handbag
- Flat head screwdriver (or butter knife)
- Pliers

Step 1

Inspect the zipper.

Is there any teeth missing? (the notches that zip up).
-If they are, how far down is it located? If its at the top then you might as well replace the zipper, sorry. But if it is far enough down, less than 3/4 you should be fine. Go on to Step 2.

Did it just come off track?
-One way is it slip it back on and tightening it. See Using Pliers NOTE: using this method may not always work
-Second way is the cut method, go on to Step 2. The best (in my opinion) way to unsure it will work.

Step 2

Now with a very sharp pair of scissors (if you are not 18 then ask a parent to do this. Also only use scissors, nothing else please) Find the missing teeth, (if you have any. Red in the photo) or as close to the end of the zipper (at the bottom) and cut (green) between the teeth (purple) on the side that is NOT connected to the Slider (the part that you pull. Pink heart). Try not to cut pass the zipper fabric (black) onto your dress/skirt fabric. Go on to Step 3

Step 3

Take the slider and slip the teeth where you cut it into the slider and pull up. Now you may have to slide it up and down and little to get it to work (if nothing happens or it wont close see Using Pliers) Once it zips go onto Step 4

Step 4
Now it is time to sew it. Unzip it just enough to make it easy to sew but far enough to where it wont fall off (see photo). Take your needle and thread and  sew from one side of the zipper to the other side (blue), keep going over and over it to make sure it will stop the slider (pink heart). If you do not like to sew  then you can use glue but I wouldn't recommend it. If your garment has a flap (I don't know what it is called >.<) you can lay the flap over the zipper, like it would when you wear it, and sew from the new stopper down to hide the part that you have cut. If it is a handbag, you might be able to sew/glue a jewel or something to the theme of your bag. Now you are finished!

Using Pliers
If you want to skip all the sewing above and dive in with power tools then you are my kind of Lolita! Ok so they are not power tools but hey, you don't want to ruin your favorite dress! Take the flat head screwdriver (or a butter knife) place it into the slider side where the zipper came off. Gently pry it open. Once open slip the zipper in and work it up and down to make sure it is in the slider all the way. Now, at the bottom use a pair of pliers to gently close the slider over the zipper (the broken side, don't mess with the other side, its fine). Try to zip it, if it still wont zip keep trying to close it. Good rule of thumb if you can get it even with the other side then it should zip (see photo).

Alright if you have any questions let me know! I hope its easy to understand if not, this is where I learned how to do this (offers both methods talked about here and a few other)

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