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Hi EGL! My 2014 Wardrobe...a rather Innocent World wardrobe... Hope I'm not too late...

flissyjoywardrobe copy
Hello everyone! I always love looking at everyone's wardrobe posts so much-they are so inspirational! January is always such a crazy month that I am late getting mine in! I always forget how long it takes...I tried to pretty up my pics on the train on the way to work...Next year I must start much earlier!

I got into Lolita in 2009 and started purchasing in 2010. This year I focused on selling off a lot that while I loved, did not suit me. I am very tiny so sometimes I have trouble with fit. When Lolita fits me well, its amazing! But when it doesn't, it's not so flattering! Also, I wanted to make sure that I had a real mixture of colour and print themes in my wardrobe. For example, I had both Lyrical Bunny and Wonder Story in black and made myself sell one (Lyrical Bunny). It was sad to sell so much off-I think it worked out 60% my wardrobe-I have only 9 dresses that were in my post last year!- but I am really happy with the result and my current wardrobe. I also like to keep one 'pot' of money invested in my wardrobe, and only expand a reasonable amount over the year. I do still have a few bits for sale, which I have shown as until they have a new home, I consider them part of my wardrobe.

I was inspired by last year's wardrobe posts and thought, I will reserve at least one dress and I will start going after wishlist items! This positive attitude worked really well and I obtained many prints that I did not ever think I would own. I love my wardrobe so much and I am so lucky that I can wear my Lolita on an almost daily basis as I can wear it to work! In my office, if I am not in a dress/skirt, people ask me what is wrong! Or, why am I boring today?

My advise to anyone who thinks that there wardrobe is 'small' is that everyone starts small, and you figure ways to budget other things better in life to invest in Lolita. It really is an investment, as if you bought clothing on the high street it tends not to have a very high resale value, and you cannot trade it. I buy 95% of essential clothing on sale and a lot of my social life is through groupons! I use coupons! I buy a lot of Lolita second hand. I machine wash all my lolita on its own on a 30C delicate cycle so I have no dry-cleaning bills and I have never damaged a dress. I have actually removed many stains from items I have bought. Though 1 or 2 did have to make the trip! So even though you think your wardrobe is 'small', think 'big' and it will not be small for long!

My first wardrobe post from last year can be found here:

I noticed that the cat hangers are catching on! If you like them get yourself to Urban Outfitters! I just have one that I use as my proof/planning tomorrow's outfit.

So let us begin...
Jsks copy
Innocent World Strawberry Gingham Jsk- I loved this from the first launch and hoped to pick it up in the sale. The first release sold out and I was pretty gutted. When IW re-released it I again hoped for a sale and this time, my luck was in! I caved and bought the whole set-bolero, jsk, multiple socks and bow! I normally don't like to get the whole set but I loved it so much. I have a vintage dress that is red with blue roses so in my closet I feel like they are opposites of each other. I really like red and blue together.

Innocent World Elenor Jsk-I picked this up on the comm, it's so easy to wear. It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz!

Innocent World Emmelina Jsk-Super affordable from someone's LP, it reminds me of satin dresses my mom put me in back in the 80s. This print got a lot of stick but it is really pretty. The fabric has a dot weave so it shines so nicely in the light.

Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party Jsk-I traded for this and couldn't be happier, such a pretty dress that I probably would not have purchased outright. For me, this is very sweet and OTT but it gets a lot of wear. I really like the mix of cakes and champagne with dark pink, white and blue colours.

Innocent WorId Rabbit Letters Jsk-Purchased this from the nicest girl that I met and had a cup of tea with! I adore this dress. My dad actually gave me the cash for this as a Christmas gift so it also is sentimental. I love the idea of rabbits mailing out their happenings!

Innocent WorId Forest Animals Jsk-Bought from a friend, I find this print really versatile. I am not a fan of halter necks so I wear it with the straps normally placed. I am a sucker for deer and bunnies in prints so together is a must!

Juliette et Justine La Petit Du Creature Jsk-I love Juliette et Justine but it doesn't love me! Nothing fits and I would not be able to alter the thick fabrics. However, this darling dress came up second hand and as it is soft cotton, I was able to easily alter to fit. I really love vintage decoupage so this the best dog print in Lolita in my opinion.

Innocent World Frederick Lace Jsk-My very first dress! I am very sentimentally attached to this one. It has gotten a lot of wear and I have thought of selling, but I think it will stay in my wardrobe and I will make sure to wear it, even if not as often as I used to. When I purchased it, I did not even know what Innocent World was. I felt so special in it. Just looking at it makes me smile!
Innocent World Marine Rose Jsk-I wished for a sale with this one and got lucky! Not very popular, but I adore vintage roses. Plus its red and blue so I had to have it! This was a birthday present from my dad.

Innocent World Royal Library Jsk-I picked this up on the comm from such a lovely seller. I was not first in line, but someone dropped out and the seller kindly contacted me. It's the long version which I do not normally go for but I enjoy wearing it for dressier occasions. I really like JetJ's book prints but as they don't fit me, I was so happy that IW jumped on the book bandwagon! (Even if it doesn't have cute birdies)
Innocent World Bambi Jsk-My husband ordered this from IW for our 2nd wedding anniversary/my birthday! So proud of him. It has deer and bunnies, he knows me well!

Innocent World Deft Lotta Jsk-I originally wanted the blue but waited for the sale and I am really happy with this colourway. I love the print on the top.

Angelic Pretty Honeycake Jsk-Purchased from a friend, I wasn't very sure of this at first and decided to sell. I had a buyer fall through and decided to keep it. I hold on to it because it really it such a unique print and I love this version of the jsk, but I definately need to work on coordinating it and finding some socks that I like with it.

Innocent World Chocolate Chess Jsk-I had Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate-my first dream dress! I was so happy I could have cried. I wore it one time and it made a sore area on my skin from the metallic trim. I tried it on with a blouse but did not like it so I painstakingly sold it on as I knew I would just stare at it and not wear it if it was not comfortable. I got IW's latest chess print and at first I wasn't sure as it is very dark but after a few co-ords I really like it. The bow on the front has a chess piece attached! The matching socks are really pretty too.
Innocent World Westminster Choir Underbust Jsk-I wanted this as something really different for me. I picked it up on the comm from a lovely seller. I find it such a dream to coordinate as you can make lots of varied outfits with different colour blouses. I also have the socks in two colours. I found picking up at least 2 pairs of socks/tights to go with a jsk really help co-ords look varied. This is two of my close work friends' favourites and I have been forbidden from selling! I almost sold when I found the collar jsk version in bordeaux, but it really did not suit me as well.

Innocent World Grazia Crown Jsk-My first ever full price order from IW, my first Wedding anniversary/birthday gift from my husband. I love this so much!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright My Red Riding Hood Jsk-I was so sad when I sold my gingham version in pink, but the fit was not good on me and the bust bows were kind of weird. It had been a Christmas gift from my husband, so another reason I was sad to let it go. When I found it on the comm in black I bought it mostly because I missed the print so much. I was not too sure at first, but have come to really love this one. Sometimes I have one iffy co-ord that really puts me off. I think some jsks take a little more work to balance the colours in a co-ord.

Innocent World Tea Time Jsk-This is a similar cup of tea to a vintage dress I own in brown/yellow check. I find this really easy. I will need to take this one in though as it is pretty big. I also want to turn the clip into a brooch as it is more like a hair clip.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Hexenhaus Sweets Jsk-This was a bit of a nightmare seller but getting past that the jsk is beautiful and it fill my need for a chocolate print. I was very sad when I sold AP Chess Chocolate so this one cheered me up! I love the candy floss trees. The brown is also a really pink tone of brown which I love. I moved the bow from the top to the waist.

Innocent World Floral Basket Jsk-This has doves! It fits like a dream like it was made for me. It is super tiny for IW. The seller is just such a nice person too.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Story Jsk-I had a nightmare with this one as it is a sample from store windows. At the time, I had no idea and was so confused if I had been sold a fake. That aside, I am so happy to own this print. My friend at work always calls 'macaroooons!' when I wear this.

Innocent World Astronomical Clock Jsk-Scooped up on the comm, this is really different from anything I have seen from IW before. My favourite bit of the print is the dolphin!
Innocent World Vienesse Waltz Jsk-I sold my frill version in beige and was pretty sad about it ever since. I hunted for a replacement and almost gave up. I posted a WTB and ended up with two of this print! I am so happy to have it back in the wardrobe in my preferred colour. Now I just have to get Museum Bear back in jsk format, short, in any colour! If anyone sees it, please let me know. As I packed up my OP it was sad times. The OP really was not the best look on me though.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice Bruges Tutu Jsk-From a trade, I am over the moon with this! I really wanted a very frilly sold colour BTSSB jsk an it is perfect. When I first got into lolita I had a Camden lace monster. This is that princess feeling jsk replaced at a much higher quality!
Innocent World Patisseres de Paris Jsk-Will be up for sale on the comm next week. I adore this print but the colour just totally washes out my very pale skin and its pretty big! The tea cups say 'innocent World'-too cute! I will be sad when I pack this one up.

Innocent World Antique Check Jsk-I currently have this up for sale so will be off to new home soon hopefully. It's just way too big for me...
Skirts copy
Innocent World Lotta Skirt-This was my top wishlist print. I picked up the skirt in brown but sold it to a friend. I really wanted the blue. I found the skirt and am super happy! I would like to upgrade to the jsk one day...This print has really lost its popularity, but fingers crossed one will come up!

Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Skirt-Such an iconic print and so easy to wear. I love the rocking horse!

Alice and the Pirates Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Skirt-This was the first BTSSB print I ever saw in real life. I picked it up on Closet Child. I have always loved nutcrackers. This year I found the matching socks in 2 colours which made me extra happy!

Alice and the Pirates Alice Tear Bottle Apron Skirt-I adore this print so much I grabbed it on the comm, even though I am not sure about apron skirts. Suprisingly, found it easy to coordinate and wore it when I met my little baby nephew for the first time! That day at work everyone said I was looking 'ultra-girly'! I would like the jsk if it comes up in this colour.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Sweets Skirt-Such a bargain, I picked this up a while back and find it so easy to wear. I love looking at all the things hidden in this print.

Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt-Such a dream print for me! Someone was trading on the comm and I really wanted to purchase. She contacted me a month later that her trade had fallen through and I was able to purchase! Such an unusual print, I love the moon. I hope to get the jsk eventually.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Looking for Baroque Skirt-So pretty but doesn't suit me and is too big. I have this up for sale and it will hopefully be off to a new home soon!

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt-I got this in a trade and thought I would give it a go. It's way too sweet for me and too big. I have this up for sale and it will hopefully be off to a new home soon!
2014-02-02_09.21.19decr2014-02-02_09.24.14decr (1)
Innocent World Dot Circus Jacquard Skirt-I got a bit obsessed with this print-I had the jsk and sold then purchased the skirt instead. I am not 100% on it so have this up for sale and it will hopefully be off to a new home soon!
Socks copy
I expanded my sock collection this year as I felt I could be more creative in my co-ords...
My shoes! First image, all hush puppies. I have really wide feet so I find it difficult to get comfy shoes and stick to brands I can trust.

Second image, Westwood Melissa 3 Strap Bow Heels, Hush Puppies, Hotter & Irregular Choice. My sister got me the ice cream heels for my birthday one year-fab gift!
Irregular Choice, Juju Jellies, Westwood Melissa.
Blouses copy
Innocent World blouses-I really wanted to get some varied colour blouses and picked up a lot of size small from people's lucky packs.
Off-brand blouses-Miss Selfridge, Forever 21 and ASOS!
Innocent World Ladder Lace Blouse & Tea Time Headbow-I will be listing these for sale on the comm next week. Sheer blouses suit me so much better!
Boleros & cardigans...Innocent World, Forever 21, BHS, Ted Baker, Next, H&M
Blouses, cutsews, tops & cardigans-Miss Selfridge, Ted Baker, Lipsy, Gap, H&M
Faux furs & coats...Ted Baker, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Next...
Bags copy
Innocent World book bags & travelcard holder; Ted Baker purses...
Ted Baker handbags; Innocent World umbrella...
Ted Baker handbags...
Jewelry copy
Ted Baker, Rosie Sweetheart, Patisserie Pink, Anna Lou of London, Vivienne Westwood, my pearls form my husband!
Neck bows..Offbrand, Ted Baker, ASOS
Hair copy
Hair accessories...Handmade, Ted Baker, BTSSB, Vintage, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Juliette et Justine, ASOS...
I have two very full wardrobes-kitted out to hold accessories too (thank you husband!) My lolita is not separate from non-lolita. I store jumpers and socks in Cath Kidston storage bags. I store shoes in shoe tidies under my bed.
Inthemail copy
In the mail I have Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Skirt (finally found! Really worried it will be too big but fingers crossed it will fit), BTSSB Clockwork Tea Party Skirt (trade-not too sure how I feel about it, it was a dream print when I first got into lolita, will need to try and co-ord it), BTSSB Traumerei of Bright Stars Frill Jsk (Christmas gift from my dad, cannot wait!), Innocent World Chocolate Teddy Bear Jsk (very excited for this colourway) & Westwood Melissa 3 Strap Bow Heels (finally on sale!)

Thanks for looking and thanks for sharing your wardrobes on EGL! It always cheers up my January! xx

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