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A Mostly AP Wardrobe~

Sorry it's a tad bit late, but I got hit by a car before I finished photographing all my pieces, so I didn't get a chance to finish it in time/ photograph the pieces the way I wanted to. I had already taken most of them, so I decided to finish and post anyway. Still missing socks and tights, but I managed to pull together the rest of my pieces. You can check out my wardrobe from last year here.
Once again, clicking the photos brings up a larger version of them. :)

Shot of about half my closet. On the side that isn't visible are the remaining OPs and JSKs, as well as skirts and a few pieces of muggle clothes.

My headbows, barrettes, rings, bracelets, and Angelic Pretty novelty items all sit on top of my dresser (along with a couple Monster High dolls.)
Headbows from left to right: AP Marshmallow Bunny, AP Little Birds Symphonia, AP Cat's Tea Party, AP side bow, AP Honey Cake, AP Wonder Party, Bubble Cafe, AP Sugar Hearts, AP Sugar Fairy Cake, handmade, AP Colorful RIbbon, AP Vanilla-Chan, and Infanta Creamy Cat. Barrettes are AP Sugar Fairy Cake, and AP Tea Time Ala Carte.


Handmade x2, AP Marshmallow Bunny JSK, AP Little Birds Symphonia JSK

AP Cat's Tea Party JSK, BTSSB Arietta OP, BTSSB Babydoll JSK, AP Classic Melody JSK

Kidsyoyo sailor OP (Embroidery by me), AP Whip Magic JSK, AP Wonder Party JSK, AP Honey Cake JSK

Bodyline Dot OP, BTSSB Babydoll JSK, AP Sugar Heats OP, AP Candy Sprinkle JSK

Handmade Sunflower JSK, AP Sugar Fairy Cake JSK, AP Vanilla-Chan JSK, IW Rose Stained Glass JSK

AATP Melty Mermaid OP, AP Royal Unicorn Gobelin OP, Infanta Creamy Cat JSK, Bodyline Carousel JSK

Offbrand (Taobao), Thrifted, Meta Cat Print, AP Tea Time Ala Carte Salopette

Meta Melody Cats, AP Rose Toilette, BTSSB Tartan, AP Colorful Hearts

AP Lady Rose, AP Twinkle Ornament, AP Musee Du Chocolat, Handmade

AP Dream Sky, Haenuli Little Prince, Handmade x2


AP, Bodyline

Blouses/ Cardigans

AP, Thrifted x3, Offbrand, BTSSB, F21, BTSSB, Offbrand x2

BTSSB, F21, UNIQLO, Thrifted, F21, AP x2, Thrifted x2

Chess Story, Bodyline, Vintage, Thrifted, AP, BTSSB, Taobao, Offbrand

Bodyline, Infanta, Chess Story, AP (Dyed & Embroidered by me), Offbrand, Thrifted x3, F21

Vintage, Thrifted, Handmade, Thrifted x6


(From back left) Offbrand, AP Lesson Bag, AP Lucky Pack Bag,
AP Sugary Carnival Tote, AP Lucky Pack pochette, AP Lucky Pack heart bag, Loris Moon Bag, AP Boston Bag,
BTSSB Milk-Chan Pochette, AP Classic Melody Pochette, F21 Heart Bag, AP Heart Pochette, F21 pochette

Vintage, BTSSB

Didn't have the time or energy to lay them all out, but most of my accessories are kept in these hatboxes. If anything catches your eye, feel free to ask. :)

(Front back left:) Offbrand, Bodyline, SS, Bodyline, Dream V,
Funtasma, Bodyline, BTSSB, Offbrand x3, Bodyline,
Bodyline, SS x3, Custom House, Thrifted

Anddd that's it! Thanks for sticking around (And dealing with my tardiness,) I hope you enjoyed my wardrobe post~

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