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Bodyline shoes146 and skirtL380 review

So, my Bodyline order arrived today! I decided to go with shoes and a skirt for starters as I havent ordered from Bodyline before. I went with the airmal shipping because penny saved is a penny earned (and I wasn´t in a hurry anyway).

A little breakdown of the order:
10th jan - placed order
11th jan - got my tracking number
21st jan - order shipped
24th jan - arrived in my country
31st jan - finally got my order

Two things I would like to note, the mail in which they sent me my tracking number stated it has been shipped with EMS. After a bit of googling it turned out it seems that Bodyline just copypastes the EMS tracking mail to every order (EMS/air), and even if the mail says EMS, if your tracking number starts with RR its 100% sent by AIR, so one should not panic.
The second thing I got kinda bummed by was that my order got hit by customs. I guess Bodyline doesn´t really mark down the packages...I was charged 24,15 euros for the order, if anyone was wondering. Not the worst of the charges, but yeah.

So, onto the package! It looked like it had a rough journey, and I was kinda surprised by the crappiness of the bag. It got ripped on a few places, but luckily my ordered items didn´t have any damage itself.


And the shoebox took a bit of beating itself. came a bit ripped, but i really don´t care as long as the shoes stayed untouched.

And the skirt!
The skirt is made from a rather thick cotton and its way bigger than I expected. Thats not really necessarily a bad thing. The skirt is also rather fluffy itself already. The color is alright, cream just as stated. It is lined, and the lace is not the best lace out there but I think thats to be expected.

The skirt came with a detachable bow. The quality of this piece is rather meh, especially the "flowers". Definitely nothing like the stock image on bodyline´s website. Its really hard to give the flowers any volume.

Also the pollen sticks, one flower had them (despite being hidden underneath the volumeless petals).

And the other flower had barely any pollen sticks (also nicely hidden underneath the petals).

The lace/border detail of the skirt.

I ordered the 4L size (80 - 90 cm waist according to the website) because my waist is around 83cm/ 32inches. The flat measurements of the skirts waist are 80 cm (measured by me). The shirring definitely gives it the 10 extra cm, but I dont think the skirt will go further than the 90 cm. It also has a zipper on the side. For me personally, I wish I had ordered the 2L size, as the skirt falls a bit big on me (despite having 83 cm waist). There are no huge gaps or that the skirt is falling down to my knees, but there is definitely a room for an extra blouse or two. I do prefer though when the clothes are a bit smaller than bigger so I would suggest for people who prefer fitter to looser clothes to get the smaller version (if they are on the verge of the two sizes for this skirt).


Skirt has back shirring.

And now finally the shoes! Came nicely packed, and luckily the shabby packaging didnt affect the shoes.


Some small white threads/glue residue, whatever, but thats really nothing visible unless youre really inspecting the shoes in detail.

Stretchable strap!

And how they look! I really love them. I ordered size 23.5 (as the bigger sizes were all sold out). My normal shoe size is european 38 (for high heels its 37), and my flat foot lenght is 23-23.5. So I took a gamble and went with the 23.5 size, and it paid off as they fit really well. My only problem were the two upper straps. I have a pretty high metatarsus which sometimes causes trouble while buy shoes with straps, and I couldnt clip the straps. This was resolved quickly though when I just made an extra hole in both of straps (which wasnt that difficult as the straps itself are pretty thin and easy to puncture a hole in them), adjusted the clip ons and viola! The fit!

Service: 4/5  (Nothing much to say, no real problems here)
Shipping: 4/5 (pretty quick for AIR, too bad for the customs though)
Packaging: 3/5 (could use a bit of improvement here, especially the "bag")
Skirt: 3/5  (shame for the detachable bow and the size, but thats not really the skirts fault)
Shoes: 4/5  (except the straps that i had to costumize a bit, they look and feel really nice).

Thanks for reading!

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