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A Somewhat Excentrique Classic Wardrobe

Art courtesy of a lovely anon in the /cgl/ drawthreads!

This past year, I've been revamping my wardrobe trying to 1) incorporate more versatile casual pieces so I can wear frills more often, 2) have every piece be flattering to my body and 3) only buy/keep pieces that I really love. My weaknesses are corsets and boned bodices, pieces with military detailing, high-waisted skirts, and blouses with big bows.

For this post I enlisted the help of a friend and her dressform, so to make photography as efficient as possible, I challenged myself to put together blouse-and-main-piece combinations with no repeats. I also managed to completely forget about taking pictures of accessories. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy looking at my wardrobe!

Starting with the skirts!

Skirt: Moi-meme-moitie Iron Gate
Blouse: Offbrand
Corset Vest: Excentrique Ox Vest

The Excentrique vest is probably my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe, it's just so versatile and comfortable to wear. It was also the first piece that I bought in a physical brand store. As for Iron Gate, it's such a great gothic piece but I like to find ways to wear it more classically.

Skirt: Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant
Blouse: axes femme
Corset Vest: Classical Puppets

I love the MC skirt because the print is so intricate without being overwhelming. Plus, I can wear it anywhere and it matches just about everything else in my closet!

Skirt: Victorian Maiden Velveteen Crown Trump
Cutsew: axes femme
Jacket: Offbrand

I got this skirt in a trade. It's the oldest piece in my wardrobe (from 2002!) but it's still in great condition! Since it's so simple, I like to wear it with big bold blouses.

Skirt: Excentrique Marine Corset Skirt
Blouse: Dear Celine

I love all things military styled and boned pieces, so this skirt fits my taste perfectly. I usually wear it with other earth tones to play up the military vibe.

Skirt: Innocent World Camille
Cutsew: axes femme

Yet another skirt with military buttons! I love how comfortable it is, and how the front part makes a convenient pocket.

Skirt: Victorian Maiden Ceremony
Blouse: Vintage

I think this blouse and skirt were made for each other; the skirt is purple with navy ribbon accents, and the blouse is navy with purple buttons.

Skirt: CEL St. Augustine's Abbey
Blouse: Taobao
Corset Vest: Excentrique Damask Rose

I was a little hesitant about the CEL skirt, since it was the very first thing produced by the brand, but I'm glad I took the risk, because it's such a beautiful intricate design! As for the bodice, I was looking for a nice one in ivory for over a year, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it.

And now for the JSKs:

JSK: Metamorphose Velveteen Hem Tuck Pinafore
Blouse: Angelic Pretty Eternal Frill Georgette

My favorite detail of this dress is how the waist ties aren't meant to be tied in a bow as usual. Instead, they're buckled together, in keeping with the theme of the dress. The AP blouse is my only remaining "sweet" piece.

JSK: Metamorphose Hakuoki Collaboration
Blouse: offbrand

I adore the unusual but elegant cut and colors of this dress; you don't see black and orange done very often in a non-Halloween setting!

JSK: Mary Magdalene Elodie Doll
Blouse: offbrand

This was my very first brand piece, and the one that prompted my love of underbust cuts. It's so flattering, I'd love to own it in all the different colors!

JSK: Excentrique Lord Byron
Blouse: offbrand

I really like how simply this dress is cut, and of course, the boned bodice! And the flocked black-on-black design is one of the most intricate I've ever seen.

JSK: Excentrique Marine Corset Dress
Cutsew: axes femme

I always wanted a sailor dress, and now I have one! I find it's perfect for summer and the boning gives it a wonderful shape.

JSK/Cape: Excentrique Lame Tweed
Cutsew: axes femme

If the last dress was my go-to summer piece, this one is its counterpart for winter. It's made of wool with a subtle sparkle, super comfortable and warm.

JSK: Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant
Bolero: offbrand

Long-length dresses just seem so elegant to me, and I adore the way KL does them.

The lone remaining OP in my collection:

OP: Krad Lanrete Lost in Sea Blue
Usually I go for really structured main pieces and then frilly, floaty blouses, but I couldn't resist how gorgeously ethereal this dress is in the long length.

Finally, my two Mary Magdalene coats, which I didn't have a chance to photograph on the dressform, so sorry for the poorly-lit pictures

Coat: Mary Magdalene Odile
My OTT black coat! It's so cozy and warm.

Coat: Mary Magdalene Mariette
I wear this one more often and with more casual outfits since it goes with everything!

In the mail!

Krad Lanrete Le Mariage de Bourgogne
Alice and the Pirates Midsummer Night's Dream
Excentrique Jubilee Corset Skirt and Jacket

Thanks for reading!
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