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Late wardrobe post! Hope you're not too bored of them now!

Wardrobe post! A bit late but it’s still January, just! (okay, technically not here but it is in the US!)

Last year’s post:

I’m an older loli and have been slowly moving my wardrobe more to classic and otome and away from sweet, though I still love the style. I’m also trying (and not succeeding) to cut my wardrobe down! Items with asterisks are ones that I think I need to prune out.

I haven't included everything, I haven't put in blouses, cutsews or boleros, jackets and cardigans and some dresses are in the wash buts it's still very image heavy >_>

Juliette et Justine

JetJ is my favourite brand by far. I often wear Lolita dresses not in Lolita outfits so I love their quirkiness, the way their clothes look almost ‘normal’ (in a way that higher end unusual fashion like Vivienne Westwood is ‘normal’) and that they flatter older lolis and those of us who just aren’t very cutesy in looks. I also love how they have a reservation period rather than selling out instantly, that they re-release their popular designs and how lovely their staff are! What other brand sends you a facebook message on your birthday or likes all your pictures? XD

Also pushing it over the edge in terms of favouritism, JetJ came to the first big event I organised, which is where my bf proposed, and because of the event two of my friends got to be models for JetJ. I’m going to wear a one-of-a-kind JetJ dress at my wedding, which Nakamura will come to. Living the dream!

Le Monde de L'Ange Robe JSK

I traded another JetJ dress for this and its become one of my favourite dresses! It’s waaay too big for me so I have to wear a bolero but it’s just plain gorgeous. My favourite parts are the feather detailing on the fabric that catches the light and also the brand name hidden on the hem! I only noticed it one day when the hem flipped up as I was doing up my shoes to go out, such a cute feature!

[NEW] Cadre du Lapin JSK

Another firm favourite, this is one of the most gorgeous dresses ever! The sheen of the fabric, the print, the belt, the chiffon ruffles <3 love love love love.

[NEW] Marie Antoinette OP

This was sent as part of the stock for Frock On and I fell in love seeing it in person. Unfortunately I had been unemployed for some time at that point so couldn’t afford it, but fortunately my friend bought Feerie from me (I’m looking to re-buy it in brown, blue wasn’t such a good look on me) so I had the money. Yay! I love the shimmery lace pattern.

Star Money OP

I love this dress so much. Look at the sleeves! The star print! Gorgeous dress is gorgeous.

[NEW] Azreal OP

Another favourite! I love the colour palette and the fact that Nakamura put her own cat on a dress along with a naked lady and photoshopped bows on him. Azreal is so cute!

L’amour d’amants skirt

The first of the painting trend. I was scared of the no shirring when I ordered but I need to trade my size 2 for a size 1. I love how there’s not really a set front or back so you can wear it any way you like. I wore this to an event at the Wallace Collection in London which holds Fragonard’s The Swing and some other pieces by him and lots of members of staff asked if I was wearing one of their paintings. Right artist, wrong painting! XD

Murmure de l’ange OP

The dress I was wearing when I got engaged! Love the chiffon, love the flattering ribcage not boob or belly shirring, love the subtly, love how Viv-West it looks.

Jardin du Soir JSK

From a luckypack. Don’t think I’ve ever worn it as a lolita dress but it gets a lot of wear

Robe Antique de la Poupee JSK and coat

The first JetJ I bought was a lucky pack (JetJ seemed very expensive to me back then, being that most things were Y30,000 rather than Y20-Y25k) and these beauties were in it *__* this was the beginning of an expensive love affair! (second image from last year)

[NEW] La femme nue de la bibliotheque dress

Newest purchase! It has the brand name on the hem as well

Cat skirt

I wore this on the fashion show so eagerly awaited it being released! It’s just so hilarious, the cat with the canary in its mouth is my favourite!

*Unknown bustle JSK

I've never worn this as I was given a size 2 luckypack by mistake and it;s just too big :(

Moi Meme Moitie

I don’t wear gothic as much as I wear classic and sweet but I love how iconic they are <3 It’s kind of a remnant of when I first got into lolita in 2005. I also love how they send you gifts if you order from them. The first time I got a lovely choker, the next two times ball point pens ha ha ha.

Iron Gate OP

Quite an academic dress this one! I bought it for myself as motivation/congratulations for completing my Masters from someone who was selling it for money for books! Also the most self-restraint I have ever exhibited towards a dress – it hung in my Wardrobe NWT for 2 years until I graduated last year! I love the shape of the OP, the beautiful lace and and the size and positioning of the print, it’s just so perfect <3

Iron Gate skirt

I borrowed a white IG skirt for a fashion show in 2009 or 2010 and my bf said ‘that looks so nice on you, you should buy it!’ ha ha hahahahaha I wish! Last year I managed to get my own, it’s just so lovely black on white

[NEW] Royal Gate/ Baby Iron Gate OP

I was hoping for a proper re-release of IG, because it’s just so rare now and hoping for some new colours but I still love RG! It’s so hard to photograph but the black flocked gates looks so nice on the black fabric. I love the extra detailing and lace you get on the OP compared to the JSK as well.

Silent Moon OP

Adore this OP, it’s just so very wearable! Print is stunning and I love the extra detail that comes from the black ribbon

Divine Cross jsk

Less wearable! I got accused of being a bible thumper by a very drunk man at a private view when wearing this with one of IW’s book bags! It’s also so annoying to hand in the wardrobe, velvet so I can’t use clasp/skirt hangers without damaging the pile but strapless, and without hanging ribbons so I can’t hang it on normal hangers. Come on Moitie, get yourself together :P

Unknown name OP

Aside from the fact it’s just too big one me and I have to wear a bolero I love this OP so much! Pretty pretty pretty!

*Chandelier skirt

This was the first Moitie I ever bought. The print isn’t as clear as I would like but I love the lace and just how nice the fabric is. Lolis who say no polyester in my frills just haven’t seen high enough quality stuff!

Angelic Pretty (non-chocolate)

I love AP but as well as a lot of it not fitting my style any more they do make it very hard to buy from them :( Kills my love a bit!

Puppet Circus JSK

One of my very favourite dresses! The previous owner kept it in such good condition, it was so beautiful when I opened it <3 I was second in line for this on the sales comm and found out that the 1st in line had dropped out the same day I got an email to say that I had been picked to model for the JetJ fashion show and the same day I me Mr Yan! XD Best loli day ever!

Wonder Story JSK

I absolutely adore the print on this. I’ve made so much jewellery to match.

Twinkle Tartan JSK

I love that it looks like a separate skirt and top and that it’s glittery. It’s pretty plain but it’s very wearable.

Twinkle Mermaid Skirt

It makes me laugh that this used to be THE print and now it’s faded into obscurity. Love the striped fabric and glitter print. This skirt has an invisible zipper running through the middle of the back bustle instead of a side zip for some strange reason!

Aqua Princess JSK

A la carte teatime JSK

*Wonder Cookie JSK

[NEW] Misty Sky JSK
One of the last last of my lovely lavender prints! Sold Milky Planet and Dream Sky but this is a lot more wearable.

Merry making party and Country of sweets (plus handmade dress. These are in the wash!)

Fantastic Dolly skirt

Wonder Party skirt

Not shown - Fantastic Dolly lavender JSK

Alice and the Pirates/Btssb

Another well-loved brand. Wish it was easier to buy from though.

Vampire Requium skirt Ivory and Lavender [NEW]

Sold my black jsk for a lavender skirt. My favourite part of this print is the Tuxedo Mask look-a-like!

Seraphim JSK

The Rose has a Secret Scent JSK

Amazing JSK, I love the shimmery dot detail on the fabric like the feathers and lace on the two JetJ dresses I have.

*?Melty Mermaid Princess jsk

Took out the ribbon and it looks so much better. Love the illustrations!

Fairy night fantasia

The colour is gorgeous but I wish the lace wasn't bright white since the print is cream

Other Brands

Innocent World and Meta are two brands that are often hit or miss with me but when they’re good they’re AMAZING. I love Atelier Pierrot and Mary Magdalene but don’t own much by them.

IW Floral Luckypack JSK

Special lucky pack dress. Cute every day type dress


Got this in a lucky pack. Not really my style

[NEW] *IW perfume skirt

The illustration is really nice but the skirt is a bit odd!

[NEW] IW jsk (unknown name)

Got this for Y10000 in closet child!

Ribbon bustle JSK

This is my wedding JSK! I've worn it (as a guest) to 4 different weddings now XD (Luckily all different sets of friends who didn't know each other!) It's so flattering and classy. Posting last year's picture as it looks nicer than this years!

[NEW] French picture frame JSK

My friend who is a big IW fan doesn't like this jsk because it seems too much like JetJ rather than IW. I love it for that reason!

IW Royal Library JSK

[NEW] Meta Royal Rose JSK

I call this my Sailor Moon dress because of the sleeves! I told a friend how much I wanted this but could never find it and she found it for me by the next morning! I’d love the black and ivory in either this or the other jsk style (or the skirt/LP skirt) so if you see them let me know!

Meta Card Playing Kitty JSK

Still haven't worn the apron. Love this JSK though.

Atelier Pierrot Romeo and Juliette skirt

Hidden 3 way bustle!

[NEW] Mary Magdalene perfume bottle JSK

Traded my brown OP for this lavender JSK. Very happy!

Emily Temple Cute
Finally took the plunge and bought new ETC in Japan. It always seemed so expensive to me for normal clothes but the quality is amazing (they get a new dress out of the stock room when you buy and scour it for any flaws inside and out)

[NEW] Tapestry JSK

Fell in love with this in japan but was out of money so very happy to pick it up in the sale.

[NEW] Spoon OP

I love that the dots and spoons are sort of appliqued on! So pretty!


*[NEW] Snowfield Wolf in Frame skirt

This is SO long. I like long dresses but when I have a long torso and short legs long length just doesn’t work as a skirt. I need to find someone to make it into a babydoll dress (it’s that long) or a normal length skirt or sell it.

[NEW] Haenuli Royal Kitty OP.

I love Haenuli! A brand that fits my long torso <3

[NEW] Haenuli stained glass

La Petit Fille JSK

JSK from La Petit Fille. The print and fabric is gorgeous but it’s so short! Can’t accommodate a very big petti either :(

R-Series My Lovely Glutton JSK

Love this as much for the name as anything else!

Laurence lolita.

This came today! Chinese new year themed dress just in time. It came as a set with a headbow and two pairs of tights and cost just over £50 shipped! Amazing value!


I love chocolate, I love lolita and therefore I adore chocolate lolita prints!

AP Chess Chocolate JSK

Due to a happy accident I managed to get both the brown and the ivory Chess Chocolate jsk! I’ve since sold the brown to a friend but I love this print <3

AP Melty Chocolate skirt

I never liked the original Melty Chocolate colours but I love the colours of this re-release.

[NEW] AP Royal Chocolate JSK

I went to Japan this September and one of my goals was to find a version of Royal Chocolate in Closet Child. Instead I managed to get the last NWT one from the Osaka store. Score!

[NEW] AP Musee du Chocolat

I have never been so disappointed with the quality of a dress as this one. I fell in love with it just from seeing tiny shots of it from pictures of the AP Paris party, immediately reserved it with a shopping service and then in Japan I saw how rubbish the quality was and that I could have saved a lot of money by waiting until I was there because of course it didn’t sell out. Looks nice on but AP, what are you doing???

[NEW] Emily Temple Cute Patisserie Print OP

I love the cut and the print of this OP.

Not shown, Chocolate Rosette in green


I love shoes! I normally wear heels with lolita rather than actual lolita shoes but I have a few pairs

Juliette et Justine

Innocent World

*Alice and the Pirates. This was one of the first things sold when Baby launched their sub-brand and they're real leather! Too old school for me though now :(

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa 3-straps. I would own these in every colour if I could! So comfortable and gorgeous.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. The new versions with bows <3 One of these will be my wedding shoes depending on which pair looks best with the dress

Dream V boots, *Secret shop replica tea parties

Jesus Diamante slippers and *heels

*Secret Shop and *Bodyline

*Bodyline, offbrand, Primark


*Dream V and *Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (these are so uncomfortable!)


Jeffrey Campbell and *Irregular Choice - not the best fit on me :(


(Clockwise from top left) Off-brand envelope bag from Harajuku, Very battered white carriage bag, Angelic Pretty tea cup, *Swimmer book bag

IW book bag, peach carriage bag (I tried to re-buy my old one but it's a different colour), *Bodyline replica of IW house bag, Swimmer biscuit bag, IW violin tote

Ahcahcum rabbit bag (ver dissapointed with the quality of this compared to the cat bag. It's so cheap and plasticy), offbrand cat bag, Ahcahcum catbag, Ahcahcum rabbit pouch

MILK and Evillive heart bags. The Evillive one is massive!

Hair accessories







Lavender and purple



Things that got forgetten from the pictures!



I love Q-pot but it's so expensive! I managed to own so much by buying it cheap when Boddywood closed down! I really wanted Q-pot wedding rings (and my bf even agreed to a matching chocolate ring!) but they make you both go in person to be measured and then you both have to fly back to Japan 6 months later to pick them up so it couldn't happen ;__; so sad!

*AP Fantastic Dolly, Moitie novely (much better gift than a pen Mana! >_> ), AatP, BABY, *IW, *Angelic Pretty, Pink House, *AatP, BABY

AP rings, two have broken off :(

Japanese Jewellery including AatP, Axes Femme, Misako Aoki, Baby and AP that escaped the last picture

Moitie and Victorian Maiden

Various off-brand

All made by me

Rings that got forgotten! Cat one bought in Atelier Pierrot, the rest I made


I have a real printed tights addiction!!!

Laurence lolita

Offbrand, offbrand, Grimoire, offbrand

All Grimoire

Doris, offbrand, bought in Japan

Grimoire, JetJ, JetJ, Haenuli (these are SO long! I think you need to be a giant to wear all of Haenuli's items together! You need a long torso and long legs!)


Grimoire, IW, JetJ, Grimoire

Grimoire, Ophanim, Grimoire, Grimoire

Thank you for looking!!!

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  • Help about Alice + Fururn

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