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STORAGE...LOLITA STYLE. Animerei's 2014 Wardrobe Post.

I've been in-and-out of lolita fashion for about a decade, but I've really only started building my wardrobe in the last 4 years, maybe.
This is the third year I have done a wardrobe post.  Here is my 2012 post and my 2013 post; many things have changed!

My wardrobe had some changes, the biggest one being the location.  I moved from suburban Michigan to extremely rural Alaska.  I put all my frills in a climate controlled storage unit in Michigan.

I moved from a city of about 120,000 people... a village of about 700 people.  With no roads - those are boardwalks.
The nearest town is 100 miles (160km) by airplane.  The nearest city is 500 miles (805km) by plane.

(The dark blob near the horizon is the village I live in.  Welcome to the tundra in winter.)

My frills used to live here:

Now they live here:

I was planning to write a lengthy description about my adventure in frilly storage, but my job has eaten all of my free time and I'm thankful I was able to cobble together this post in time for the monthly theme.  If anyone has questions, feel free to PM me (it may take me a long time to write back, though - my internet is very spotty)

Inside my 15' x 10' x 8' (4.6m x 3m x 2.4m) storage unit.
I purchased two cloth-covered, metal frame wardrobes from Ikea.  I really should have bought three! -_-

Both have an extra storage shelf at the bottom.  This was very important to me when I was shopping for wardrobes.

As you can see, they are not *quite* tall enough for some of my longer dresses.  But I love the storage space at the bottom, so it is a good trade-off.

The wardrobes are metal frames (easy to assemble!) with a nylon outer layer which velcros in place.
I was honestly surprised at how much weight each can hold! O_o

Since my wardrobe is in storage, many of the photos will be from previous wardrobe posts, or my PoupeeGirl account (rei-jelly).  You can also easily tell which ones are new pictures taken with
my iPhone because they are awful quality (I took them at night in a poorly-lit room).  LOL.


Left: Moi-Meme-Moitie - "Sleeping Garden" long shirred OP (black)
Right: Moi-Meme-Moitie - "Cathedral Ruins" long OP (ivory)

Left: handmade OP
Right: Alice and the Pirates - "Masquerade Theater" OP (ivory)

Moi-Meme-Moitie: Silent Moon OP (short - if anyone has the long, I'd love to trade!)


Left: Metamorphose - "Apple Print" frill skirt (black)
Right: Metamorphose - "Fairytale" mini skirt (black)

Left: Metamorphose - "Cat Print" (red)
Right: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - "My Little Red Riding Hood" (black)

BTSSB: Lovely Cherry March (yellow & red) - the yellow detachable bow is in another box

Metamorphose: Retro Leopard circle skirt (red)

Metamorphose: Rose Birdcage medium-length (navy)

Alice and the Pirates: Mermaid Jewelry Box (ivory & black)

BTSSB: Twinkle Constellation and Stars of Confeito (navy)

Metamorphose: Cat Melody (ivory)

Metamorphose: Masquerade Lady (navy)

Moi-Meme-Moitie: Iron Gate long skirt (black x blue)


Alice and the Pirates "Melty Mermaid Princess" (navy & black)
This is such a comfortable dress!  I'd love to own the other colorways, too!

Left: Angelic Pretty "Sheep Garden tiered" (black)
Right: Angelic Pretty "Milky Planet" special set (lavender)

Angelic Pretty: Jewel Ribbon Shirring JSK (brown)

Peace Now "Strange Apple" (black/white & black)

Lief "Sacred Night" (ivory)
Last year, I accidentally ruined this dress, by wearing it with a velour bolero.
The black bolero stained the straps, underarms, and upper-back of the dress.
I've had it cleaned twice, so far, and the stains seem to be lightening up.  So maybe there is hope for my poor dress...

Left: Metamorphose "Twinkle Journey shirring" (black)
Right: Metamorphose "Songbird Bouquet" (black)

Innocent World: Rococo Rose Border long JSK (brown)

Alice and the Pirates "Vampire Requiem long" (black, ivory, red)
Some day, I shall find the lavender version for a decent price and complete my collection!

BTSSB: Angel at my Window (Angel Relief) shirred JSK (pink)

Angelic Pretty: Chess Chocolate Jabot JSK (brown)

Angelic Pretty: Dream Fantasy special set JSK (black & pink)

Angelic Pretty: Daydream Carnival tiered JSK (black)

Metamorphose: Happy Bell (black)

Innocent World: Royal Library high-waist (green)

Angelic Pretty: Radiant Candlelight halter-neck JSK (wine & black)

Metamorphose: Blooming Garden shirred JSK (black)

Innocent World: Lotta (brown)

Krad Lanrete: Mozarabic Chant (wine)

Metamorphose: Apple Print shirring JSK (navy & pink)

Angelic Pretty: Misty Sky (royal blue)

BTSSB: Tartan Check JSK (fuchsia)

Angelic Pretty: Wonder Party (brown)

Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake (yellow)

BTSSB: The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe (sax)
[known to most of us as either Baby's Longest Name, or Pup In A Cup]

Angelic Pretty: Holy Night Story (red)

BTSSB: Unico in Bloomland pearl JSK (pink)

Angelic Pretty: Wonder Cookie (blue)

Angelic Pretty: Milky Planet salopette (navy)


BTSSB "Babydoll shirred " (navy, brown, pink)
[old photo: I gave the pink blouse to a friend of mine]

BTSSB: Babydoll Shirring (pink)

BTSSB: shirred cutsew (white)

BTSSB: Babydoll blouse (white)

Innocent World "Antique Rose" (white, beige)

Dear Celine "Poet of Spring" (black)
my camera absolutely hates this blouse

Bodyline "L382" (beige)


Pink coat by Mary Rose.  Faux fur collar is removable.

Red capelette with removable faux fur collar.  By Mary Rose (from DreamV's shop)

Metamorphose "Heart Leopard" retro jacket (yellow, gray)  [FRONT + BACK]

They are reversible!  :)  Both styles have pockets!

Angelic Pretty

If real fur items offend you, please do not click the image above, as it will take you to an image of the contents of the box.
Inside this hatbox are a vintage Schiaparelli fox fur cape and mink hat.


I store my bags in plastic bins.  I did this even before I moved my frills from my house to a storage unit.

I guess my BTSSB belt is in there, too.  ^_^

Angelic Pretty: Polkadot Ribbon Bag (brown)

Angelic Pretty
"Magical Etoile" boston bag (sax)

Angelic Pretty
"Decoration Pony" (lavender)

Angelic Pretty
"Twinkle Star" (yellow)

Angelic Pretty: Melty Moon (sax, yellow, pink, black).   My guilty obsession.  ^_^;

Alice and the Pirates "Vampire Requiem" wine totes (black & lavender)

Victorian Maiden

Angelic Pretty
"Daydream Carnival" tote (black)

Innocent World
"Antique Book" (black) - 2nd release

Angelic Pretty: Original Strawberry Print suitcase

One of my most prized pieces: my large Iron Gate bag.  *_*

Moitie "bat bag"

This is only a fraction of my bags.  I just didn't have time to photograph most of them, so I quickly pulled a few photos from PG.


Kept in a plastic storage bin:

Left Column: Angelic Pretty x5, BTSSB, and AATP
Left-Center Column: Angelic Pretty x2, Moitie x2, BTSSB x3, and Innocent World
Right-Center Column: Angelic Pretty x3, BTSSB x3, and AATP
Right Column: Angelic Pretty x4, Innocent World x2, and Metamorphose x2.

all Chocomint, except the Angelic Pretty brooch that snuck in there!

BTSSB "Merry Sweet Chocolate" and "Merry Sweet Cookie" barrettes


My socks and tights used to be kept in my closet on hanging shoe racks:

Now, I have them stored in a three-drawer storage bin:

TOP DRAWER: tights

MIDDLE DRAWER: blue and light-colored OTKs
wrist cuffs and extra ribbons/bows that I've taken off dresses/blouses are here, too!

BOTTOM DRAWER: black socks and other dark colors

far left: Angelic Pretty
Middle Row: AP, Meta, AP x2, IW, Meta, AATP
Bottom Row: IW, AP x3, AATP, BTSSB, AATP
far right: Moi-Meme-Moitie
(this photo is from last year.  I have purchased many more OTKs since then...)


Giant pile o' jewelry!  I have a slight fascination with AP jewelry.  ^_^;

I store most of my jewelry in plastic boxes.  I also have a separate box for the really delicate pieces (like AP headbands)

These smaller containers are all in one large plastic bin, along with some wigs and more tights.
The metallic pink box (barely visible) houses the delicate AP headbands and fragile pieces.

Angelic Pretty
"Sweet Cream" gingerbread man and bear rings
"Sweet Cream" gingerbread bear necklace
"Country of Sweets" gingerbread man necklace and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Playing Card Carnival Pony" necklace
"Fantastic Ribbon" bracelet

Angelic Pretty
"Dream Star" necklaces (lavender - 1st release, pink & navy - 2nd release)
"Dream Star" tri-color bracelet (1st release)
"Dream Star" rings (pink, lavender, yellow - 1st release, navy - 2nd release)
"Dream Star" bracelets (pink & yellow - 2nd release)

Angelic Pretty
"Melty Moon" bangles, rings, and earrings (navy, lavender, yellow, & pink)

WHOOPS!  Forgot all about this pile of AP jewelry.
Melty Moon necklaces (yellow & navy) and earrings (yellow, lavender, & navy) & ring (navy)
Misty Sky necklace (navy)
Triple Candy necklace
Striped Candy ring
and probably a few buried items...

Angelic Pretty
"Decoration Pony" necklace, bracelet and ring (lavender)

Angelic Pretty
"Dreamy Horoscope" necklace and ring (navy)

Angelic Pretty
"Milky Planet" necklaces (lavender - 2nd release, yellow - 1st release)
"Milky Planet" bracelet (yellow - 1st release)
"Milky Planet" rings (sax & yellow - 1st release)

Angelic Pretty
"Star Night Theater" bangle and card ring

Angelic Pretty
"Fantastic Perfume" bracelet and ring (mint, purple)

Angelic Pretty
"Polkadot Love Heart" bangle, ring & hair clips (red)

Angelic Pretty
"Fantasy Giraffe" necklace and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Honey Bear" necklace, bracelet, and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Little Donut" necklace, bracelet, ring (brown)

Angelic Pretty
"Wonder Cookie/Assorted Cookie" necklace, bracelet, ring

Angelic Pretty
"Holy Cross" necklace, bracelet, ring, & earrings (black)

Angelic Pretty
"Holy Cross" necklace, bracelet, ring, & earrings (white)

Angelic Pretty
"Magical Moon" necklace & ring (lavender)

Angelic Pretty
"Magical Trick" bangle and rings (pink, black, lavender)

Angelic Pretty
"Tricky Night" bangles, rings, headband (purple, orange, pink)
This is my absolute favorite series of AP jewelry!  One day, I hope to have it all.  :)

Angelic Pretty
"Melty Chocolate" necklace, bracelet, bangles, rings (pink x brown, brown x pink, mint)

a mixture of faux and freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets

Angelic Pretty
"Sweet Crown" necklace and ring (pink)

Angelic Pretty
"Whipped Magic" necklace, bangle, ring, headband (pink)

Angelic Pretty & Metamorphose
"Fantasy Bunny" ring
"Daydream Carnival" ring (lavender)
"French Biscuit" hair clips (pink)
"Rose Letter" necklace (wine)

Angelic Pretty
"Sugar Hearts" necklace
"Dreamy Heart Candy - LOVE" ring

all Angelic Pretty
Left: Melting Ice-kun bangle
Center: Milky-chan bangle (pink)
Right: Sweet Candy bangle (pink)

I guess I'll throw my wrist-cuffs in with the jewelry section, since they have no other place.
Top 2 pairs are handmade by an egl member whose name I forget
Bottom pair (red) is Angelic Pretty



Shoes are currently stored either in their original boxes inside the wardrobes, or inside plastic bins.

Loose shoes (no boxes) in the bottom of this bin.  Top is petticoats!

I am also using my Angelic Pretty suitcase to store shoe boxes.  And Grimoire tights.

Boots: Metamorphose (navy), Secret Shop w/ removable fur (black), Innocent World (navy), BTSSB (brown), BTSSB (white)
Tea Parties: Secret Shop (yellow, lavender, brown), Angelic Pretty (red)
Angelic Pretty "Sweet Cream" (red)
BTSSB "Victoire" (wine)
Antaina (pink)
Secret Shop w/ cork sole (SOLD)
BTSSB "Strawberry Cake" (black), "Heart Buckle" (SOLD)
Pleaser spat boots

I have about 6 other new pairs of shoes and boots, but I didn't photograph them.  :(


Alice and the Pirates "Rococo Umbrella" (brown)

Angelic Pretty "Stawberry Print" umbrella.  Black.

BTSSB bright pink parasol

BTSSB light pink parasol

BTSSB off-white parasol

Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival" (black)


In addition to plastic jewelry, I absolutely LOVE novelty items!  I wish I had more!!!

"Cherry Berry Bunny" cup and coaster set
"Decoration Dream" candle x2
10th Anniversary tea party cup and saucer
AP & BTSSB nail decals
AP divided plate
Usakumya hand puppet
AP coloring book and pencils
Strawberry Parfait dessert glass
AP chocolates
Chess Chocolate playing cards
BTSSB/AATP masking tape
Lyrical Bunny candle
Moitie keychain
Moitie tissue case

Alice and the Pirates iPhone cases "Vampire Requiem" and "Gloria"
I've been using the Gloria case for the past 6 months and it has held up very nicely!

Angelic Pretty
Decoration Pony pillow

BTSSB bunka doll

Innocent World x Byul

Wonder Cookie plate

Angelic Pretty x Vlli Vlli
"Daydream Carnival"
"Dream Sky"

I hope you enjoyed your trip through my wardrobe!

I seriously apologize for the half-baked manner of this post;
you're a real trooper for making it all the way to the end!
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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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