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tutorial: how to pack your closet in a day

in lieu of all the closet posts, I figured this might be useful for those who were doing the opposite - how to pack your closet quickly and efficiently for moving!

Packing your lolita closet is tough. It's even tougher if you're moving internationally, or across the state or even across a borough to a new neighbourhood. I have good experience trying everything from boxes (nope. they melt in rain and make your clothes smell) to space bags (good only for short-term travel, incredibly expensive if you have an entire closet to pack) to wardrobe boxes (heavy as fuck, movers will hate you, DHL will hate you, you may get charged international tax and have to declare every fucking item on a customs sheet as "domestic use only") In terms of experience I've moved countries 4+ times, and 30 different apartments in the span of 6 years. So here's my simple tutorial for packing up your closet in a day, and being able to use it again without a whole lot of wastage (see: boxes). If you do it properly you don't even have to iron anything at all, just give it a good shake and you're ready for meetup!

Lay 3-5 dresses ontop of each other in a flat, clean surface

For longer dresses, or particularly delicate dresses you can double-bag them for extra protection

Same instructions as above until:

For skirts:

Same technique as for dresses, but you'll end up with a lot of additional excess. Here's how to fold for the flattest/least bulky shape.

Ready for moving! Compact, and also hangs. When you arrive at your new place all you need to do is untape the base out:

This method is the least bulky and wasteful imho. You save loads of money on boxes, and the bags can be re-used at your new place for cleaning/taking trash as long as you remember to tie the top (where the hanger-hole was cut). You can put entire coordinates into the bag, and pull it out relatively unwrinkled and ready to hang/wear.

NOTE: for international moves, because cargo yards tend to be hot as hell - plastic may melt. My method is to use burlap bags and then plastic over; or paper bags with plastic over.

NOTE2: this method will keep it fairly waterproof. You can't dump it into a pool, but it will keep your dresses dry in rain or snow move conditions.

I hope this was useful to some people! It works well for coats, jackets &etc as well.
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