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Lief x Cloud Chamber - The Basilica at Night Review

The stock photo:

Ordering Process
I emailed Sora with my order the moment reservations opened. She responded quickly and sent the paypal invoice. I was notified when everything was good to go and my dress was being made. I was notified when it was shipped with a photo of the box showing my EMS tracking number. The package arrived safely and was packaged well. She even included some Korean candy as a gift <3


The dress is stunning. The fabric is silky soft to the touch and the fit is great. The lace and chiffon are soft and beautiful.

Some outside shots:

The seams are flawless with the print lining up.

on a dress form:

The dress has pockets! A++++

The dress is constructed very well. It came to me with no loose threads or seams. The print line up is absolutely perfect, I was astonished. It lines up way better than most of my AatP and AP items. The zipper was a bit difficult to pull, but it is on par with all of my other brand dresses. The construction is really quite wonderful and you can tell that they put a lot of effort into making the dress.

Some inside shots:

I ordered a Medium, as it had the listed measurements of: Bust 90cm, Waist 72cm, Length 105cm, and Sleeve Length 60cm. All of the measurements were exactly on target except for the bust. For some reason the bust of my dress topped out at 82cm. This makes the dress very uncomfortable for me though I can zip it up. It is somewhat of a heartbreaking thing for me since the dress is spectacular in every other way. However, I emailed Sora and she is fixing the problem for me and sending me a larger size. Her email is at the bottom. A+ service.

For reference:

(this is an amateur measurement of course, but it is not close to 90cm)

The total I paid including EMS shipping to the USA was $310. The shipping was $30 USD and the dress was $280 USD. This is brand pricing, and you are definitely getting brand quality. It is definitely worth it in my eyes.

Ease of Ordering 5/5
Communication 5/5
Packaging 5/5
Quality 5/5
Construction 5/5
Sizing 3/5

All in all I would definitely suggest buying from Lief, however the sizing thing makes it a bit tricky. I don't know if this is all of the size mediums, or if it was my dress in particular. I contacted Sora, and she is fixing the problem. She responded within 20 minutes and is sending me a new dress with double checked measurements. You can't beat that kind of service.

For reference here is her email, she is so sweet!

Dear Joanna,
Thank you for your review. I saw your size is not fit on you. If you don't mind, I want to send you the high waist OP in large size(I'll measure the size properly) I'll send you 30USD by Paypal and please send it to me again if you're okay.
I'll wait your reply~and I'll send a mail again with the measurance.^.^

Have a nice day!

So yeah, no doubts in my mind now, order from Lief :D
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