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First wardrobe post!

I guess mine is one of the smallest wardrobes this year, but I adore every single piece that I own and I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless! :)
I started wearing Lolita in 2009 after admiring it for a few years. Since then I changed my style and sold all my pieces quite often until I now finally found what I feel comfortable in. So now my wardrobe is really small again, but I enjoy wearing every dress I own. The only thing I honestly regret selling are all my blouses, boleros and other staple items. My wardrobe is really lacking these now, but I hope I can change this in the near future.

Enough talking, onto the pictures!
 Unfortunately the light in my room is really bad during the winter month, but I honestly tried to get the colors to show up as close to real life as possible.

This is where I store my few dresses and blouses. I hope someday I have to move my normal dresses to another place, because the rail is full with Lolita dresses :) I store socks, undergarments and other basics in my beloved closet. It used to belong to my mum when she was the same age I am right now and it means a lot to me. But the closet is big and my room is small and there was no way for me getting a full picture of it ;)

The dresses

Baby the Stars shine bright Michael's Blessing in black

This was the first dress I bought after deciding to get back into Lolita again. A friend of my mum was in Osaka when this got released and I asked him to buy it for me. I can only imagine what he was thinking when I sent him a picture and described the store to him. But he was very friendly and bought it for me, even though I didn't know him in person. This dress always reminds me how kind people can react to Lolita and that's why wearing it makes me feel confident and pretty. Also, isn't it the most beautiful thing ever? Look at this bodice!

I adore the sheer bows with the golden accents, the beautiful side-lacing and the gathered chiffon on the bust. All the different kinds of lace and the pearl chain are the icing on the cake.

As you can see, the dress is out of a lovely textured fabric and it has a front and a back bustle out of flowy chiffon. Chiffon is my big love in Lolita and I plan on buying a lot of non-print chiffon pieces in the future. I also hope that I will be able to find this dress in one of the other colorways, too.

Innocent World Charles Crown OP long version in bordeaux

This is the most recent addition to my wardrobe. I fell in love with the JSK as soon as it came out, but I hesitated to buy it. My taste changed and I learnt what suits my body shape and so in the end I settled for the OP. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't suit me but it's the most flattering dress I own! The color is lovely, the lace is gorgeous and the length is perfect for me. Now I'm hunting for more of IW's longer dresses, because they seem to hit me right at the knees.

The lace sleeves are my favorite part of the dress. I actually thought that they would be 3/4 sleeves on me, but they come right down to my wrists. They are just so perfect! Unfortunately it was completely dark outside when I started doing the detail shots, so the color is completely off. The full shot is true to color, though.

I love flowers and crowns, so this is like the perfect print for me. I actually just bought a small antique gold crown to go with this dress. Hopefully I get a chance to wear it in a princess-y coord soon.

Innocent World Annete JSK in mint

This was my dream dress for such a long time and I was so happy when I finally found it! When I decided to sell all my Lolita dresses I kept this one. Not only because it's my dream dress, but also because I can wear it as a dirndl to the Oktoberfest. I get so many compliments wearing it and I feel much more comfortable in it than in a normal dirndl.

I love the strawberries and the cute yellow ribbon and the mint is such a nice color and suits my skintone pretty well.

The halterneck with the strawberry embroidery is  my favorite part of the dress. It looks really cute, but I still need a better blouse to go with it. The halterneck straps always get caught in the high collar of the traditional dirndl blouse I bought to go with it.

Emily Temple Cute Jam Jar JSK in red

This picture doesn't do this dress justice, it's adorable in real life. I love every dress with jam jars on it and I'm so glad that I found this dress on the comm_sales. It's pretty short on me, though, so I only wear it as an everday summer dress without a petticoat.

I love all the different jars and the cute bow and seal. The dotted tulle hem is also a favorite of mine.

Emily Temple Cute Wrapping Macarons JSK in brown/purple

As soon as I saw it on the ETC blog, I knew I had to have it! I love food prints and especially baking prints. Baking is one of my biggest hobbies and I especially love making macarons. It's not that I think that they are that tasty (way to sweet for my taste),but they are just so colorful and cute and make the pefect gift for friends. So pair macarons with stripes and chiffon ruffles and you can be sure that I want to own it!

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio,.....j'aime des macarons!

I love the three little bows and the cute offwhite lace. The cut is also quite flattering.

Emily Temple Cute Patisserie print in mint

So by now I'm pretty sure you know why I had to have it,don't you? So many tasty treats! This is actually the first dress that I bought directly from a brand. It cost me an arm and a leg with all the fees ( I think custom fees alone were 95 €?) but I love it! I'm sorry for the picture quality, the camera really didn't like the soft colors of the dress.

Someday I want to recreate every pastry that's on this dress. Quite a challenge!

When I wasn't really sure if I really want this dress, this cute little golden bow and the golden trim sold it for me. I like to pair this dress with a small golden headbow and golden sandals for a casual summer look.

Emily Temple Cute Picnic JSK in brown

I think this was my first ETC dress. I still love it, but it doesn't fit me in the bust anymore. I'm still unsure if I want to keep it or sell it to buy me something that fits me better.

And this is what makes selling it so hard for me: these super cute binoculars!

I also really like the combination of the chocolate brown with the mint color of the bows. Mint and chocolate brown is one of my favorite combinations!

Emily Temple Cute Alice Flocky JSK in beige

I used to own the babydoll version and while I loved the sequin details on the bust, babydoll cuts just look wrong on me. I'm happy with this version now, as it suits me much butter. I know Alice is quite an overdone theme, but I like these illustrations and the flocky print.

The drink me bottle with the key is my favorite frame, but I also like the way they incorporated the brand name in the print.

This dress looks so simple from afar, but I think it has a lot of small pretty details. Different trims, pleating, velvet bows, etc...


Yes, we already took a look at all my dresses and as I said, right now I don't own many blouses, either. I have some more plainer chiffon blouses, but these are my go-to blouses. The ivory is out of dotted chiffon and has lots of cute ruffles. The black one is also chiffon and has sparkly golden dots and flowy sleeves. It's the perfect match for the Michael's Blessing JSK!
The last one is a traditional dirndl blouse I bought to go with my Annette JSK. It has really cute lace on the collar and is quite suitable for Lolita, I think.

These are all my accessories that I only use for Lolita. I have more jewellery, berets, hats and gloves that I also wear with Lolita, but they are even more plain and the lighting already got so bad I didn't photograph them.
What is pictured is almost entirely offbrand, except for the IW Annette headbow and the golden heart necklace which is by Meta. My favorite piece is the raven headdress by Sweet Mildred!

I love the little sparkly branches and the black feathers. It's small but still fancy, just right for my taste!

These are the bags I use with Lolita. The violin bag is from the IW Mook, the biscuit wallet is Angelic Pretty, the black heart bag is Baby and the small chocolate bag is ETC. Rest is offbrand. The red Cambridge satchel is my everday bag for work, but I also like to wear it with Lolita whenever I need to carry a bit more stuff with me. I use the Swimmer bag also when not wearing Lolita and I always love to see that people start smiling as soon as they see it. I get asked a lot where I got it when I'm in the subway or shopping. Unfortunately I lost the fork and spoon charms the first time I used it :(

These are the shoes I use the most in my Lolita coordinates. My favorite are the brown Oxford shoes, I searched pretty long for the perfect pair. I got the cream pair for 4 € at the fleamarket, what a bargain!
Now, this is where everybody shows off their socks, but as I only wear simple colored or lace tights with Lolita, I skipped that part.

I didn't take pictures of my boleros, jackets and coats, because they are all offbrand and not specifically Lolita. I plan on changing that, though, so maybe I can show them to you next year! :)

This sounds pretty lazy, doesn't it? So I thought to make up for that, I could show you two coord examples.
I hope that you like them and enjoyed my small wardrope post.


Thank you for looking, I enjoyed all of your wardrobes and can't wait for next year to see all your gorgeous frills!
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