iantoasted (iantoasted) wrote in egl,

Is Lolita a subculture? Or something else?

Hello Lolitas~

So in my Sociology 101 I have to do two presentations; one next week and one the week after having to deal with each week's pre-selected theme. The presentations will be short (only 3 to 5 minutes long) and can feature a video/clip or an article. Next week's theme is Culture and I was thinking about presenting about Lolita (It would give me a wonderful opportunity to wear Lolita around the college all day)!

Now, what I was thinking of doing was showing how Lolita was a type of subculture to America (since technically to be a subculture it has to be cut off from the main culture in some way). Seeing as we dress much (MUCH) differently then most of America and we even have our own communities I would (hope) to think that Lolita would classify as a subculture.

My question to EGL is could I possibly do this for my presentation or would it be a stretch? If you think I can be done do you have any ideas on videos or articles I could use (I could certainly talk about this all day but it'd be nice to have a short clip/video)?

Thank you very much for reading and any and all answers are greatly appreciated!
Tags: community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires

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