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iowngameware's Wardrobe post 2014

Hello! Welcome to my wardrobe post! I get so much inspiration from wardrobe posts so I felt it necessary to share my own, especially because of my personal closet theme. Can you guess what is it?

Mint chocolate! Not all of my dresses are specifically chocolate, but I stick to that color scheme. It actually makes piecing together outfits a lot of fun! My style has stayed the same the three years that I have been wearing lolita. I am primarily a sweet lolita, but I’m sure you will notice small bursts of classic here and there in my clothing. Now, onto the good stuff!

Bodyline's Sweet Biscuit Heart Chocolate JSK in mint
Kicking things off with one of the oddballs in my wardrobe, actually. This is one of the only dresses in my closet that uses black as one of the main colors, so I enjoy it when I want a change of pace. The waist-ties are very pretty and detailed, but I wish that they were detachable. This print actually has a printing error! I'm not sure if this is only true for the mint color-way, but you can notice it from one of my detail shots! Near the mint dollops there is a run of colors and it looks a bit fuzzy. I used to own the skirt as well so I know that is is the same for this print in mint!

Bodyline's Antique Clocks OP in mint
This isn't exactly a chocolate dress, but it fits with my mint chocolate color scheme! I'm sure you are all tired of seeing this dress, but I think it's quite lovely. I feel as if it is the most versatile piece in my wardrobe because it can do so much. I took the dreadfully scratchy lace off of the top and I think it looks much nicer this way. This was actually my first lolita purchase so it is very dear to me.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Welcome to the Sweet Hexenhaus JSK in mint
This is my only Baby dress and it's really nice! I need to get more from Baby and Alice, but, as you will find, AP has my heart on a tight leash. I absolutely love Hansel and Gretel. It was one of my favorite fairy-tales when I was younger because it is just plain weird. The print of this dress does the story justice and shows a cute forest filled with sweets and the two characters walking up to the cookie house (watch out!). The large bow at the top is detachable, which I love!

Metamorphose temps de File/Crown Label's Teddy Chocolatier collar pinafore JSK in mint
My only dress from Meta, but it's a cutie! I love all of the detachable pieces. The collar, and two small bows can come off to transform it. I really love dresses that have cute detachable bits and bobs! There is so much going on with the print of this dress but I love it. The waist-ties for this dress are REALLY long. It's a bit obnoxious actually. haha! I could probably turn part of them into a headbow and still have enough leftover. I really hope that I can get the bonnet to match this someday!

Innocent World's Chocolate Teddy Bear JSK in green
I love Innocent World so much…but it doesn’t love me. I would own a lot more Innocent World items if they did not look so funky on me. There are some dresses that are just worth it, though, and this one is certainly worth it! Chocolate Teddy Bears was a gift from my husband for our first wedding anniversary. He's as sweet as chocolate and I love this dress! It is a very unique shade of green and has a beautiful dark brown tie at the waist.

Innocent World's Bouquet Stripe JSK in green
I love this light chiffon piece from innocent World. The hunter green color is gorgeous! It doesn't fit in my theme but I like to wear it out casually. I still wanted to include it in my wardrobe post, though. I love the little belt and V-neck shape! I find myself frequently wearing it without a blouse. It looks nice with a little cardigan and a casual headband.

Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate jabot JSK in mint
Chess Chocolate is my ultimate dream print. It is my greatest inspiration for my whole wardrobe and I love everything about it. I felt ecstatic when it was re-released and I was really lucky to get this jsk. It is probably my favorite thing in my wardrobe, and my most worn item as well. It was my first brand piece so I treasure it!

Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate skirt in mint
Okok, I know everyone is sick of seeing CC in mint by now, but I'm not! Chess Chocolate skirt in mint was actually my very first ultimate dream item, but I have only just obtained it earlier this year. Now that I have it, I'm not quite sure what to do with it! haha~ It's gorgeous, though. I was afraid it wouldn't fit, but it fits quite well! It is kind of short so I'll probably just wear it casually and not to any lolita events. I hope that I can get the Chess Chocolate bustier jsk in mint soon!

Angelic Pretty's Promenade de Paris halter JSK in mint
I love the Paris theme of this dress! The mint and brown goes so well with pink! It is becoming one of my new favorite color combinations! There are so many cool details that the washed out stock photos neglect to show. Did you know that there are some bits of yellow in this dress as well? I had no idea until it arrived. The chiffon ruffles at the bottom are to die for, and the cute white bow at the waist is detachable. I'm very happy that I purchased this jsk!

Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly JSK in ivory
This dress is another oddball in my wardrobe. I love the two different shades of mint in this dress, though. There is a light and dark mint speckled across it. The ivory colorway is very unique and it is my favorite out of all of the Fantastic Dolly color-ways. This jsk is my favorite style, too! I love the bows at the end of the waist-ties! Fantastic Dolly is so classy and cute! I love the mint perfume bottle jewelry that was released with it. It's something I'm keeping my eye out for!

Angelic Pretty's Sweet Cream House JSK in mint
The second I saw Sweet Cream House I *hated* it! haha! I thought it was so busy and tacky. The first release passed and I saw pictures of people wearing it here and there. I then realized that I had made a terrible mistake by snubbing this dress. I was so happy when AP re-released it this year. I had my shopping service get it for me for the first day release, although he told me it wasn't that popular so it was easy for him to get. I love the little woodland creatures and the biscuit house theme! This is also my first dress that has "red" (it's more of a reddish-pink) in it so I'm excited to expand to a new color a little bit.

Angelic Pretty's Melty Cream Donut high-waist JSK in mint
When I heard about this dress I was so excited! Finally! A true donut themed dress! I decided to go for the AP USA web release but I heard horror stories about how popular it was in Japan, especially for the colorway that I was going for. I waited with my card in hand as the pieces slowly started appearing on the site. I could only pick one accessory to go with it and I was torn between the wristcuffs, the socks, or the scrunchie. I decided that the first of these that popped up would be the one that I picked and the wristcuffs popped up first so I snagged them! I'm so happy that I did, too! I love the spoon and fork charms on the bow at the bodice. They match the charms on the wristcuffs! So cute!

Angelic Pretty's Chocolate Rosette JSK in brown
I was very lucky to get this dress in my most desired color-way during the re-release. I didn't think it was anything special until I saw the print close-up and noticed that some of the rosettes were mint! I love the perfect pleats at the bottom and the gold touches all over the dress. I also love how easily it washes! I expected that I would have a hard time with it but it does fine in the washing machine, and the fabric is so heavy that it dries while hanging up nicely and without wrinkling! I hope that I can get it in ivory someday as well.

Angelic Pretty's Melty Royal Chocolate hihg-waisted JSK in bitter/dark chocolate
My only non-printed JSK! Melty Chocolate is a great series by AP and I think they really stepped things up with Melty Royal Chocolate! The dripping chocolate is so cute. I love this JSK, as well. The peek-a-boo side ruffle tiers are so beautiful that I could just cry when I wear it. This dress is gorgeous and I love the dark chocolate color of it. It feels so rich and divine! It also comes with two detachable bows, and I like to wear the larger one at the top base of the tiers.

Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party halter JSK in brown
Another drop dead gorgeous dress. I am so happy that I own it. I didn't think it was anything special until I noticed the mint detailing and then I fell in love! There are so many small details...where to begin! The print with the gold card suits and stripes spill down the dress and into the cute tea-party border print! The tea-cup lace is an extra cute touch. I am very happy that I got the halter version because the collar is so beautiful. It has rhinestones sewn onto it and a brown bow with little spoon and fork charms on the ends. I feel magnificent when I wear it!

Angelic Pretty's Musee du Chocolat switching JSK in mint
The second I saw pictures of this dress side by side with Melty Royal Chocolate, I knew that I was in trouble. I like that the switching version has a white tuxedo front and the rope around the waist! The print is super detailed. I notice something new about each time I sit to examine it. I think this dress has become a great inspiration for my wardrobe as well. A museum of mint chocolate? Let me try to make it!

All of my blouses! I decided to take individual shots of each of them. I'm kind of hating myself for doing that now. haha!

Innocent World, Innocent World, Forever21

Taobao, handmade by a friend (you can find more of her work on facebook here ), Innocent World

Innocent World, Forever21, Forever21

Forever21, Forever21, Forever21 (Yes, I have this blouse in 4 different colors! I hope that Forever21 keeps cranking these out in even more colors!)

Innocent World's Musette bustier. I need to get some skirts to go with this.

My only boleros. The one to the left is from Taobao and the one to the right is Innocent World's square neck bolero in cream.

Innocent World's Playing Card jacket in milk tea is my only jacket! I really wish that it was lined but I suppose it's meant to be used more in the Fall or Spring. From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it to match my wardrobe!

All of my headbows! I always regret not getting the matching headbow to go with a dress and have to eventually track it down. All of these are Angelic Pretty except the one in the center on the bottom row. That one was handmade by a friend of mine so I really treasure it!

These are all of my bonnets plus a little bear hood from Minty Mix! Since they are kind of hard to see any details when they are laying down like that, I decided to grab a model to show them off for me!

Angelic Pretty's Glass Bottle of Tears bonnet in ivory! Even though I don't own the dress, this goes with a lot in my wardrobe! Hopefully I can pick up the dress someday, too! The gorgeous bonnet to the right was also handmade by the same friend that made the headbow above (you can find more of her amazing work on facebook here ).

Angelic Pretty's Musee du Chocolat bonnet in mint is really cute! I love the mint lace that is on it. The bear hat is from Minty Mix! It is both soft, and cute!

My one boater hat and my berets! The Melty Chocolate beret in ivory was my number one dream accessory and I never thought I would own it! I was so lucky when I saw it pop up on mbok earlier this year! It was difficult to drop a large chunk of money on a simple thing like a beret but I love it to bits. It is so cute!

All of my socks and tights! I used to be such a tights girl, but now I've come to really love brand socks! I can't imagine my wardrobe without them. I hope that I can collect even more this year. My favorites would probably have to the the gold and brown diamond Chantilly socks! They stretch so much and are super comfortable. The AP Royal Chocolate socks in mint are probably my most useful pair, though.

.These are all of my shoes that I use for lolita. I's looking pretty drepressing. I need to get a couple more pairs this year. I have a pair of brown boots coming in from AnTaiNa soon so I'm looking forward to those. Also, some black boot cuffs from Innocent World! they are soft and warm.

My one and only parasol. My grandmother gave it to me last year. She is honestly one of my dearest friends so it is really dear to my heart! She actually got it when she visited Okinawa many years ago. She really loves Japan, so she thinks lolita is really neat!

My purses! I love them! The Melty Chocolate purse in mint is my favorite hand down, though!

Some extra little bags.

These are some pouches that I like to use with my outfits from time to time! The Korilakkuma is a really cute pouchette that looks like it is holding onto you when you wear it. Also, a fawn fur collar from My Dearest Victoria and a vintage fur collar behind it.

I don't own many necklaces, but I do wear them occasionally. The Innocent World necklace with the bunny and squirrel is my first piece of brand jewelry.

All of my bracelets, wristcuffs, and gloves! I handmade the little brown diamond cuffs with the gold emblem buttons to go with my Reve Lullaby bonnet. I have lots of ivory, mint, and gold colored pearl bracelets. The pink heart bracelet was a gift from my parents for Christmas this year! I love it! I really love the Anime MatsurixBtSSBxAatP bracelets too. A friend of mine went to the tea party last year and he didn't really want his so now I have two! They look really cute when worn together.

I really love brooches and rosettes! I'm really happy that I bought the mint rosette that went with the Chocolate Rosette series because it is the same style and color as the rosette on the dress, just like the pink one. The waffle star, brown bow, Isabelle brooch, and the Tenorikkuma brooch are all from Minty Mix! I love the mint chocolate Isabelle from Animal Crossing!</center>

I enjoy wearing cute glasses with my outfits from time to time! The brown ones go with everything! They are great. Everything else is just a few detachable bows that I forgot to photograph with their respective dresses and a few other odds and ends. I forgot a few of my hair accessories, but I'm done taking pictures of my items for a loooong time. Maybe next year. haha!~

Also...All of these items are on their way to me!

Just got the AP chocolate cardi last night and I could hardly sleep because I was so excited! I can't wait!

This year my closet went through a major over haul. I actually started off this year askew from my organized wardrobe. I ordered an Innocent World oddment pack, and I purchased dresses that didn’t really go with anything that I owned. I tearfully said goodbye to many dresses that I loved. They were pieces that I just didn’t know what to do with or did not fit well (Meta’s Cat Print skirt and IW’s Delft Lotta, I’m looking at you!). This year I have learned to stay on target, and only purchase dresses that I truly love! I missed out on a couple dresses this year that I wanted, but was not able to get. Innocent World’s Chocolate Chess skirt in green, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Sweet Kumya Kuma’s Sweet Chocolate baby doll jsk in dark chocolate are sorely missed, and have been added to my ever growing wishlist.
My hopes for next year will be to get more accessories! I feel like I’m lacking in that department. I’m going to try to get as many pieces of jewelry from AP that I can this year! I would really like to add Melty Chocolate JSK in mint to my closet. I will probably try to get any other Angelic Pretty chocolate prints that come in mint color-ways; I hope that Baby releases a couple more in the coming year, and perhaps other brands do, as well. Also, I am interested in getting more pink accessories because pink, mint, and brown are a cute color combination that I have just begun to play with! I need to get more wrist-cuffs, too!
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my closet! I had so much fun putting this together, and I look forward to making another post next year with lots of pretty new items! (Sorry this was so long winded! OTL)

I have made three Daily Lolita posts this year. If you are interested in seeing some of my outfits that I have put together, you can find both of the posts here-

my wishlish, if you are interested!~ It needs to be a little updated, though.

my tumblr, if you are interested!~ I share lolita, cute, and food related things. It doesn't look fancy, but it gets the job done!
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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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