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angie-dream wardrobe 2014

Hello! I'm Angelica, a lolita from Moscow. I discovered lolita style about 10 years ago, but really got involved in it and started to create my wardrobe since 2009.
Now I'm a 100% classic lolita. I wear lolita often, but I also like other styles (mori, for example) and silhouettes too.
But for a few exceptions I always buy my japanese brand clothes from brand sales and second hand sales communities. I also buy lucky packs - especially Innocent World oddment packs.
And I buy some indie brand or offbrand items too, and sew a little bit.
This is my first wardrobe post here, hope you enjoy it!

- Bambi Fur Collar Short Coat - Alice and the Pirates
- Gobelin coat - hand made by me
- Short brown coat - Bodyline

- La dame de la rose manteu - Juliette et Justine
- Leather jacket with lace - Axes Femme

Green x beige flowers is my passion ^^
- Arabesque Rose Tiered Jumperskirt - Innocent World
- Flower Garrett Scarlet Long OP - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
- Rococo Rose Border JSK - Innocent World

- Latia Frill Jsk - Mary Magdalene
- JSK with angels - Millefleurs
- Story of Queen and Angels OP - Innocent World

- Fleur et fruit JSK - Juliette et Justine
- Le Décor de Ruban OP - Juliette et Justine
- Unknown mint-blue cotton OP - Mary Magdalene

I'm not a fan of dark colors, but I love these pieces!
- Black and white JSK - Juliette et Justine
- Acanthus JSK - Innocent World
- Roman Trump JSK - Innocent World

- Glitter Seraphim High Waisted JSK - Innocent World
- Mère Vierge JSK - Juliette et Justine
- Party Rose JSK - Innocent World

Summer chiffon dresses:
- Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK - Innocent World
- Trompe L'oeil Lace JSK - Innocent World
- Chiffon JSK with flower print - offbrand (New Look)

- Chiffon JSK with flower print - offbrand (New Look)
- Christmas JSK - Dear Celine
- Strawberry JSK - Hand made by my friend

- Party in the Forest JSK - Dear Celine
- London Bear High Waist JSK - Innocent World
- Candies OP - Emily Temple Cute ( I use it as homewear ^^)

More of my favorite dusky pink!
- Unknown dusky pink JSK, Delft Lotta Jumperskirt, Bertille Rose JSK - all Innocent World

- Cotton skirt with flower print - Dear Celine
- Malonica Rose Skirt, Acanthus Skirt, Camille Skirt - Innocent World.
I sold some of my old skirts and need more this year!

Dear Celine chiffon blouse / Innocent World bolero / Dear Celine velvet vest / Mary Magdalene blouse

Juliette et Justine knit bolero / Metamorphose chiffon blouse / offbrand knit

Innocent World / Camelie Fiolere / Innocent World / Bodyline

Dear Celine x3 / vintage

all Innocent World

all Innocent World

My favorite offbrand knits: Taobao / Axes Femme x2 / Zara

My shoes (not all):

1) Offbrand / Bodyline / offbrand. 2) Axes Femme / Taobao
3) Bodyline / offbrand / Bodyline. 4) Offbrand. 5) Innocent World / offbrand.

My purses:

Offbrand - red purse and crown purse
Innocent World - small black purse, rabbit and book
Taobao - violin bag in IW style
Juliette et Justine - big black tote bag (I often put my lolita clothes in it when I need to go casual and later change to lolita)

Top: dark-green Loris purse, offbrand gobelin bags x2
Bottom: Innocent World gobelin, gift from Vienna, Grimoire Verum tote

Top: BTSSB, Taobao
Middle: unknown Harajuku shop, Muchacha Achachumu
Bottom: offbrand

Some winter accesories. White beret is Fan plus Friend, the rest is offbrand.

Two top collars are H&M, two bottom are Axes Femme. And a brush for dolly-kei inspired coords!

Innocent World stoles, bonnets from BtSSB and AatP and Bodyline straw hat.

Recently purchased belts, cannotier hats (Innocent World, offbrand and Bodyline) and my lovely Innocent World wallet.

I didn't take pics of my jewerly, but here is a box with my bracelets and my favorite pendants/necklaces.

And here are many of my flower corsages and small headdresses.

That's all! I'm very glad to make this post and analise my wardrobe.
I didn't include the items that I currently sell. Also I didn't shoot my legwear, underwear, parasols, gloves and some other acessoires, but maybe next year!
It will be very interesting for me to compare my clothes collection from this year and the next ones ^__^

And some bonus pics:

One of my dream dresses - the beautiful IW Antique Tiered Rose JSK that I recently got:

And these below have been shipped to me - Muchacha Achachumu purse and Dear Celine skirts from an old collection:

My Tumblr with my outfits is here: http://angie-dream.tumblr.com
Thank you!
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