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Cederlina's wardrobe (Oh yeah, I KNOW you're getting sick of it by now..)

I have been wanting to make a wardrobe post forever, since I also love to look at others wardrobes. I have not included the things I want to sell.

Bodyline (a gift for my parents as a party dress), offbrand find I added some lace to (but I want to add more)


Both Metamorphose. Happy ending story was my dream print. I originally wanted the jsk, but it was too expensive so I went for the skirt. I was very happy to get this colorway. The fruit punch skirt was a Christmas present from a few years ago.

Short-sleeved blouses

All from Metamorphose.

Long-sleeved blouses

One, by Bodyline. A birthday present from a few years ago. The detachable sleeves/bow tie are from the white short-sleeved blouse.


Heart E, Tralala


Bodyline, 2x offbrand (the white one has bows on it). I also have a black offbrand ruffly one, but I forgot to include it. I want to buy a longsleeved white cardigan from Meta in the future.

random things

Bodyline corset, offbrand cutsew I forgot ( a lovely hand me down from my grandmother), corset belt thing


Bodyline, Meta. Christ, I need to iron them! Was no time for it this time.

More random things

Suspenders to hold up my skirts, happy ending story wristcuffs, replica MARS belt, bows

Head accessoiries

Chocomint, offbrand, Metamorphose, Bodyline, Btssb (I used to have another bow pin but I can't find it.. oh well), Victorian Maiden, Surface Spell (Taobao).
I originally wanted the feather headdress from happy ending story, but it was sold out. Oh well!


Cutecankill necklace (I believe) I won this in a lottery, so even if I quit sweet, I'll keep this (and maybe I'll go back to it one day). AP, Shirley Deer (The bangle broke when it fell), Metamorphose (the necklace keeps falling apart), offbrand, Chinese replica time turner and Marvolo Gaunt horcrux ring (that doesn't fit so I need another) :D I'm such a nerd.

Some beaten up shoes. Ignore the ankle boots, lol. I need to shoe-paint them again or new ones, but they scuff so easily...All bodyline, secret shop and taobao (lolita kingdom).

winter coat

Evil taobao replica. I'm sorry, I love it!

summer coats

bodyline capelet, Liz Lisa replica, Beth (I love this coat!)


Metamorphose, Ebay with bodyline bow, GLB (I have two, but where the other one is... It lays somewhere)

Delft Lotta. Millicent is selling her miniskirt so I'm buying it from her, it is my dream print :) I'll use it for my non lolita coordinates.

Bonus picture of my cheap fake BJDs and mini pullip :D

I don't care if they're fake, I love them!

I forgot to add my purses! Oh well, I'll add them later!
I hope it was still enjoyable! Thanks for viewing.

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